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The Ballad of: What is Obscenity? Or: It’s All Upside-Down

Clemens is on trial for “juice” Edwards for campaign abuse But Cheney and W Reduced Iraq to rubble who Lied just to do it – are loose   Bradley Manning told all of us facts The Pentagon’s political hacks Don’t want us to know So now he must go On trial for his heroic acts … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of the Republican Party or: Saint Ronnie-Who-Begat -W.-Who-Begat-Sarah-Who-Begat-Michele-Who-Begat-Rick -Who Begat…

Unless we turn this battleship of state around post-haste we, as a country, are going to continue our slide into the mud hole of history alongside the glory that was Rome. As long as we continue to downgrade education, see; *(summary of Rick Perry’s education record in Texas at end of article), destroy the middle-class, … Continue reading