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The End of Hunger Plan or: The Republican Final Solution

In what Republican leaders were calling a ”bold stroke of genius” House Republicans have put forth House Bill HR 1536-A, sub- titled “The End of Hunger” bill, and have vowed to see that it become the law of the land. Boiled down to its essence, the bill proposes that people who live just above, on, … Continue reading

The Ballad of Republican Priorities and Philosophy Or: As You Can See Below the Poem, as Sung by Groucho in Horsefeathers, “I’m Against It.”

Well – it surely ain’t the poor And it ain’t the working class And it sure ain’t women’s issues ‘Cause they’re just pieces of ass And it sure ain’t jobs for people And it isn’t Medicare And it ain’t re-building cities Or infra-structure anywhere And it isn’t getting money Out of our elections Nor is … Continue reading