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Co-sponsored by Reps. Harley Ray Smoot of Alabama and Joanne Emmerich of Idaho, the Clutch Roots Of Mate And Go act or CRO-MAG, was passed in The House today by a vote of 247 to 188. The 247 ayes being all Republicans and the 188 nays being all Democrats and Progressives. Said Representative Smoot afterwards; … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Party Defined

To all of you who remain loyal  To the GOP family of “royals” And you’re not rich, or privileged, or fried, And your news isn’t all Fox-i-fied And you actually CAN think – and read Love your wife, and your children, and need A job, and some healthcare, and the knowledge That, if they wish, … Continue reading

The Ballad of the In-Denial Republicans or: How Can You Stay at a Party You Haven’t Even Been Invited To In The First Place?

Let’s hear it for our gay and black Republican friends And Republican women – who all must do logical bends To rationalize why they’re part of – alas – A party who treats them like they’re second-class Give it up for these Republican step-children Blacks, women, and gays – it’s bewilderin’ That they’re part of … Continue reading

The Ballad of Republican Fuck-ups or: How to Lay Down a Good Smokescreen

Let’s start this thing With the tone-deaf right wing Holding their “hearing” on women An all male panel Of men who all channel A time when all life was still swimmin’   Then the cartoon – named Foster Freiss Says an “aspirin between the knees” Worked as birth control before – lot’s of luck He’s … Continue reading

Fuck Planned Parenthood! Fuck Breast Exams! Republican Raid on Seven Sisters Schools Jails Ten Thousand Women…More to Come.

Led by Republican Senator The Right Reverend Billy Willy Joe Bob Goober of Mississippi, a crack team of ex-Blackwater assault troops called Kochs Kommandos pulled off a coordinated surprise pre-dawn raid on the five of the seven sisters, a group of liberal arts women’s colleges in the Northeast, the two exceptions to the raid being … Continue reading