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The Ballad of the Republican Candidates or: Would Anybody Like Some Mixed Nuts?

And now – The Republican field Adding all of their IQ’s would yield A remarkable sum Giving them headaches from How to keep this much dumbness concealed   There’s “kids could be janitors” Newt Rick: “whut’s that third thing? Oops – shoot” Cain: was “what affairs?” Michelle: well…who cares? And Mitt who looks good in … Continue reading

The Ballad of Cell Cam Sousveillance or: Fuck You Fox News – Here’s What REALLY happened

Thank goodness we now have sousveilling We, the people, now use it for nailing The dim troglodytes Who trample our rights By spraying, and beating, and jailing   Thus, in factual real-time depictions We see all the Fox ‘“news” contradictions Now we all know our cell Is the real show and tell Exposing Fox News’ … Continue reading

The Gratest Movies of All-Time Ever

I expecially like movies with a lot of big explosions all the time and things get blowed up. Expecally when a movie starts right away with a huge BOOOOM …and its got the suround sound surounding you all around, and shit comes rushing strait at you from the explosion on the screen then I know … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rush Limbaugh – Part 2 or: Some Things Just Ain’t Funny

Rush Limbaugh: The idealization of horseshit His mouth: the perfect dispensary for shit His breath: as fetid and foul as his lies His soul: empty save for the maggots and flies   His core: as craven as that of a traitor His mind: to purpose as manipulator His hands: as bloody as any extant His … Continue reading

A DONALD TRUMP NEWS SPECIAL: (A Sneak Preview of Donald Trump’s Questions to the Republican Debaters)

Barking in the Dark has recently had the rare privilege of receiving an advance copy of the questions that moderator Donald Trump will be posing to the Republican candidates in their upcoming December 27th debate in Des Moines, Iowa. We received this list from someone close to the Trump organization and under a pledge of … Continue reading

The Best of the New iPhones: A Sneak Preview of the iPhone’s Next Generation

Apple today announced the next generation of iPhones, and there are some huge surprises here, as well as terrific gift ideas, for the tech savvy among us. Here are some of the new Apple offerings: The iThe Jury Phone….for the film noir fan in all of us The iCan’t Stop Loving You Phone…for the newly … Continue reading