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The Ballad of the Republican Party Defined

To all of you who remain loyal  To the GOP family of “royals” And you’re not rich, or privileged, or fried, And your news isn’t all Fox-i-fied And you actually CAN think – and read Love your wife, and your children, and need A job, and some healthcare, and the knowledge That, if they wish, … Continue reading

Email From the Religious Right re: Planned Parenthood Clinic Bombing

I think that that Planed Parentshood Clinick in Wisconson probally had it comming to them. They was just askin to be bommed in my mind handing out all that antiseptive advise to girls like my daughter sos they can go out and have sex with whoever thay want at any time such as with them … Continue reading

Mitt’s Mistress (La Maitresse de Mitt)

I watched from the window table as the long black Mercedes limo came to a smooth stop curbside in front of Jake’s, a tony restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC. The chauffeur came around to open the door for the elegant well dressed woman who, with the chauffeur’s assistance, slowly, and with some … Continue reading

End Times Prediction According to Opposing Scientific Findings

According to the recently discovered NC – the Neanderthal Calendar – the “End Time” will occur tomorrow at 5:22 PM, which will seriously screw up rush hour. The NC year is divided into 4 months, 1. Hey look – my balls are thawing out, 2. Wow, it’s really nice out now, 3. Okay, what Happened … Continue reading

Exclusive! Rick Santorum’s Mistress Interviewed

Rick Santorum’s mistress of two years, in her first interview, and over her fourth martini, says, “I lose my lady wood when Ricky starss praying on th’rare ‘ccasions when he gess ready to climb onto me.” The former porn star takes a long slow drink and daintily puts her glass down in that over-careful way … Continue reading