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I was washin’ ironin’ an’ starching my hubbies under wares the other day last week while he was out teachin’ the grandkids to shoot squirrels because he says the starchy stiffness of his shorts reminds him of when he was a teen-ager – I dont know why – and I heared on the TV that they was giving awards out to grannies an’ so we definatly wanted to see that for sure.

Lady Gaga: Queen of Pop

Lady Gaga: Queen of Pop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So we tuned into this here Granny Awards show on the TV an’ I just want to say that I do not know why they think these people, an’ I use this word loosy, are grannies when they are a lot of G-dless gays in make-up and whatnot pransing around screaming at the top of there lungs.

This is tipical gay proper gander to list this as a granny award show to get people to tune it in an’ be turned gay. We watched a hole half hour an’ if these people are grannies then I am not. Thats all I just wanted to say about it except then there is this lady person who they showed an’ they said they was gaga about her but alls I saw was someone who looked like she had a animal draped over her shoulder as far as I can see. An’ is she some kind of Inglish lady person? Also they said some German named Bruno from Mars was there?? And he won somethin?? Now me an’ hubby didn’t fall offa the back of a turnip wagon yesterday an’ if there was Germans on Mars then I am too. An’ I don’t think I am. An’ then they talked about some people by name of Foo Fighters? So I asked all my friends an’ neighbors what is foo an’ why do these people want to fight it? An’ none of them know neether to.

Anyway this was sure not about any grannys I know an’ I am sore that we wasted a hole hour trying to figger out what the heck they was all sayin’ an’ why they were all up there jumping an’ screaming like they was. Hubbie said maybe it was some sort of singin’. We liked the Holy Spirit prayer song part thuogh but I think all a lot of them was praying for was to get on the TV which is why they was singin’ that prayer song in the first place for I am sure anyways. But that’s the only part we liked. We changed the channel to watch Cops.

Plus P.S. this there is why we all must got to vote for Ted Cruz to teech them heathen east coast and west coast TV eleets in there pen houses a good oncet and for all lessun or else Donald Trummp or that there Jed Bush fella.

Elva Mae Moon

Chesnee, S. Carolina


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