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You right-wing oligarchs
With motives reprehensible and heinous
You fucking scumbag sharks
I wish you all get cancer of the anus
My hatred for you runs so deep
Because you use your pelf
To the detriment of all of us
While bettering yourself

You fucking right wing oligarchs
I hate your filthy guts
I wish you all the agony of
Death by a thousand cuts
You selfish brutish financiers
Of our worst political clowns
And the worst of laws passed
By your” court” to keep us down     

Of your uncaring insistence
That we always find a war
And your backing of assassinating
Those who speak out for
The rights of the downtrodden
Wise to your racist sting
Of workers, gays, blacks, women
And which kills: see M.L. King

As you slither in the shadows
Plotting, planning how to “get”
Never stopping once to ponder
How your gains are our debt
How your wars are our loss
How your blind ambition kills
Without thought to painful cost
As you coldly fill your tills                              

How your naked greed destroys
All this country once stood for
As you profit by your perfidy
And rigging of our law
As you rape the very soil
That sustains our very lives
Defiling air and water
Caring not how it deprives

As you send off youth to fight
In each phony trumped up war
To return in flag draped caskets
That you tacitly ignore
Leaving wives and children mourning
As detached, you plot and scheme
Telling all your right-wing stooges
That no lie is too extreme                        

And these criminals do your bidding
As you count up all your gold
Keeping eye upon the ledger
Dead hand upon control
And all of this sans conscience
Sans human shame or fault
For all that matters to you
Is the money in your vault

With no thought of common linkage
Between all living things
You never think beyond the thought
Of your cabbage and your kings
You’ve no grasp of this great cosmic
Connection we all share
The fragile thread that binds us
Pauper, worker, millionaire

To you we are all merely pawns
To be whimsically cast
To be pushed and pulled – discarded
In your hunger to amass
To all those of you Oligarchs
Within this vile breed
I hope you slowly rot away
Choking on your greed.                             

Yea, you Oligarchs in right-wing towers
Who scheme with iron fist
To keep us poor, dumb, without power
Left to just subsist
To bag the groceries, mop the floors
Unable to be schooled
To pay your taxes, fight your wars
Continually fooled

By your right-wing flunkies
On TV and in Congress’ seats
These utter clowns, these braying donkeys
Criminals and cheats
Who willingly and knowingly
Carry out your plans
You super-rich who pull their strings
As they bow to your demands                               

And if you think that all of this
Is just some cock and bull
Respectfully, I say my friends
That you have had the wool
Pulled so far down over your eyes
You can’t connect the dots
And see the Right-wing’s dough comes
From this scum who call the shots

And Citizen’s United is the ultimate disgrace
The last gasp of “democracy”
The pie thrown in our face
The oligarchy’s steel-clad way
To keep us in our place
They used their dupes in the highest court
Of law…

…I rest my case.                               



© tony powers and Barking in the Dark, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to tony powers and Barking in the Dark with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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Tony Powers is a writer/actor/musician. His full bio may be seen by clicking on the picture, and then clicking on either of the 2 boxes below it.



  1. Wow ! Very straightforward and refreshing. But that’s actually what most of us think of oligarchs but aren’t brave enough to write down our thoughts.


    Posted by renxkyoko | February 20, 2016, 1:01 pm

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