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In 2013, freshman Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said he had a plan to do something that seemed impossible. He could force President Obama to strip the funding from the landmark health-care law that had come to bear his name — Obamacare — by threatening to shut down the government.

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Ted Cruz

Drunk on the booze

Of power obtained

From all the hare-brained

Who voted him in

Who now have to grin

And bear all the pain

And all the hard rain

They’ve brought on us all

When Cruz took his ball

And cut short the game

Saying “I’m not to blame

I just want my way

‘N this Obama won’t play

Will not obey

How I say he must

So now I will bust

Up the whole damn shebang

‘N I don’t gave a dang

How many folks hurt

Who ends up in dirt

Image result for ted cruz caricatures

Down to their last cent

Who can’t pay the rent

Who can’t find a way

To face one more day

Without milk or bread

No way to be fed

As paychecks go south

Just live hand to mouth

We’re tough we’ll make do

I have faith in you

Just please bear in mind

He’s not our kind

And all this upset

Is his – don’t forget

He wanted it thus

He brought this on us

This affordable care

Hasn’t a prayer

Of filling the bill

Folks shouldn’t take ill

Anyhow, anyway

‘N when they do they should pay

As we Tea Partyers say

That’s the American way


No we just cannot trust

Someone different than us

Someone with darker skin

Out to do us all in

Yes, Obama’s to blame

For ending the game.

Not me Teddy Cruz

I just don’t like to lose.

My plan’s working well

Ha ha LOL”


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2 thoughts on “THE BALLAD OF TED CRUZ

  1. He’s nothing but walking, talking Tea Party shit bag…


    Posted by A Pondering Mind | April 19, 2016, 5:31 pm

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