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Trump you pandering piece of shit

By a garbage truck I hope you’re hit

And when you die and go to hell

In Pond ’O Puke I trust you’ll dwell


You’ll be up to your eyes in puke

With sociopaths like Demjanjuk

Forevermore in hell confined

At home among your grotesque kind

‘N when the devil’s boat speeds by

I hope the waves of puke rise high

Over all the evil dead

Drenching your dumb combed over head


And when the devil gets to shore

I hope he’ll realize that your

Proximity to shit bodes well

You’ll be the men’s room man in hell

To spend eternity amidst

The odors of the combined shits

Of all the hateful liars like you

Whose smelly craps you’ll now sit through


Hell’s toilet should be fittingly

Your home for all eternity

The shitty hell inside of hell

Where the mean and vile deserve to dwell

Image result for trump caricatures

And seeing as you’re excrement

You’ll fit right in there with the scent

Of every single smelly dump

Hells’ men’s room attendant…

Donald Trump




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2 thoughts on “ODE TO TRUMP

  1. Amen…


    Posted by transtime | May 31, 2016, 12:24 pm

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