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When Nazi Don speaks

His hateful spew reeks

Of Hitler and der Weimar

When Jews in ghettoes wore stars

And Germans were convinced

To blame their immigrants

And mobs would search each street

For Jews that they could beat

And Gypsies and Slavs would hide

Scared to death to be seen outside

And Hitler and Goebbels repeated their bile

Pure Aryan whites were the only worthwhile

Germans – and all of the rest were pollution

And then it came… the “final solution”

And now Nazi Don is taking a page

Out of Goebbel’s book for Der Fuhrer

As he rants to his mobs

Immigrants cost us jobs

And without Muslims this land would be purer


And let’s build a wall because certainly all

Mexicans are rapists and thieves

As Hitler advised

Keep repeating the lies

‘Til the moronic mob all believes

Image result for trump hitler cartoons

And this mob’s tiny brains will be massive shit stains

On the pages of history pressed

We still have ideals

But this Fascist appeals

To the worst we as humans possess


And you’re quickly vilified if you dare criticize

Any loony thing Nazi Don’s for

Don’t believe your own eyes

Or the media’s lies

(It’s Goebbels and Hitler once more)

Image result for trump hitler cartoons

And this monster has come to inflame all the dumb

To give voice to their resentments and fears

This basest of bases

With hate on their faces

And too little between their ears


Like that crowd that went wild and stood and seig heiled

For the madman who played their frustration

Now Nazi Don feeds his ego

By running the same show

Oblivious to how it’s hurting this nation

O’er the world people wonder have we really come under

The thumb of a Hitler-type hater

Will the rabble he plays to

That he lies and he brays to

Give us this Fascist dictator?


Did you know that Herr Trump (whose real name is Drumpf)

Channels his inner Nazi German

‘Cause before going to bed

He’d read the things Hitler said

Since he actually admired one of history’s great vermin


Image result for trump hitler cartoons


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