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I just finiched watchin the Republican convention on the recorder thing (im a littel behind) and then I just finiched watchin the democrat convention on the recorder thing to.)

There is no comparin between the too because the democrats are a meen insultin bunch who do not give a dam. Whare ass the Republicans are a carin kind party who have a grate man as thare nomi-knee. I speak of Donald J Trump who will fix everythin here that is broke. He said he would, he said “I alone can fix it,” and this is a man we can beleeve. He even sez beleeve me. So Duh.

This is a true patriot and a outstandin candy date. I mean thay put his name on all these buildins every whare so he has to be grate. Peeple please get a clew…thay do not put peeples names on a buildin for nuthin. Dubble duh! And he said about Obamacare. We are goin to repeel it, we are goin to replace it, get somethin grate. Repeel it, replace it, get somethin grate!  So thare – that is cristal cleer if I ever saw. I dont know whut itll be but I know itll be grate he sed so! And all so every body with half a brane knows that it’s all Hillerys fawlt and the Muslin Obama to. And did you hear them insultin Mr Trump? Its dis grace full.

We good G-d feerin sooper relijus white foke beleeve that the big atree (and I do not eggsacktly know what “atree”is but I am agenst it) so if thay say that thares big atree agenst us whites by the darkie democrat party like thay sed in the Daily Stormer – a reely grate newspaper – i say that is apaulin. We white christain patroits are behind Mr Trump 110 per cents.

And too have a lady Prezident? Are you kiddin me? Womans do not belong in such a place thay belong at home takin care a babys, cookin, cleanin, doin the lawndry and et seterra. Whut if she has her time of the month huh? Can you imajine? Lets not fite lets tawk and get me a tamp on? Puh-leeze!

All so the thing I do not unnerstand is why every body in both parties are so agenst TPP? Is Charmin made in Chiner or sumthin?

R, C. (Buddy) Sump

Cantell, Mississipi


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  1. I see they have an old version of spellcheck. Nice piece. Depressing too.


    Posted by leggypeggy | July 31, 2016, 8:57 pm
  2. What’s terrifying is how quickly this would be published in The New American.


    Posted by allthoughtswork | July 31, 2016, 3:53 pm
  3. That info about the guy who puts together The Daily Stormer is really depressing. I hate to say that I hope someone is mentally ill, but to close an open mind and embrace illogic, hateful stupidity, and violence makes no sense otherwise. My mind is boggled.


    Posted by Sparks In Shadow | July 31, 2016, 1:30 pm

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