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Dr. Harvey Farr-Klempt, the pediatrician who delivered Donald Trump, went on the Fox TV show The Real Surgically Enhanced Trophy Wives of Sutton Place.

Facing penetratingly heavy questioning –  especially from housewives Bambi and Tiff’nee – the 92 year old Dr. Farr-Klempt said; “I could tell immediately that Mr. Trump was the most tremendously robust, healthiest baby of all time. Believe me…of all time.

As soon as he came out of the womb he did 20 push-ups and it was obvious to my medically trained eye that he would make an incredibly fabulous President – and a great man who I knew would make America great again.”

Image result for DONALD TRUMP baby cartoons

Dr. Farr-Klempt, who is well known in the better circles of the upper east side of New York as The Park Avenue Ped, went on to say; “In all my 60 years of delivering babies to the finest families in New York I have yet to see such an unbelievably amazing baby. Believe me when I say that he came out of the womb  better than anyone ever and amazed us all by giving me two thumbs up – and I would swear to this on my Hippocratic Oath as a Doctor. And, also on my wife.

And, he continued, “Mr. Trump began wearing a suit and tie and walking and talking at one month – further validating my incredibly terrific Medical judgement that he was destined to someday be the leader of the free world. Destined. The leader of the free world…believe me.”

As the Doctor left the studio – to a rousing ovation from the audience of people who came off of a tour bus – he paused to feel up Real Surgically Enhanced Trophy Wife Brandi Chanel – who giggled excitedly and exclaimed; “There he goes everyone, Doctor Harvey Farr-Klempt – and you heard it right from the horse’s mouth here on Fox TV. Full disclosure and proof positive that Donald Trump is medically fit to lead this country from a man renowned as a medical giant.  What more do we need to know? And, by the way, Dr. Farr-Klempt to this day holds no grudge against Donald Trump’s father – who never did pay him for his services.”


Image result for DONALD TRUMP baby cartoons


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  1. I still can’t figure out why Trump doesn’t have chronic laryngitis.


    Posted by leggypeggy | September 15, 2016, 10:24 pm

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