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Donald Trump announced yesterday he would be building “by far the world’s largest, most fabulous, incredibly unbelievable, repository for garbage in the known world…certainly in New York City anyway. It’ll be yuge” The Donald said, jaw thrust out and looking like Benito Mussolini.

Trump, his persona a curious palette of orangey jaundiced yellow and wall paste, and his perpetual sour expression, which runs the gamut from looking like he is having a very difficult bowel movement to sucking on something even more sour than his expression, announced that work on the project would begin “almost immediately…maybe even sooner.”

When asked why he was doing this he said; “I love the people of New York, who, as you know, all look up to me – as well as look to me for leadership. And, of course everybody knows the respect I command for my virtually legendarily fabulous unbelievable business acumen, which is the reason why everyone insists that I put my name on all the buildings I own – which, as the whole world knows, are all over the city.

trump bankruptcies:

It is a proven fact that people love the name Trump. I have proof of that. And having that kind of awesomely incredibly fabulous unbelievable brand recognition I thought; what more can I do, besides all that I’ve already done, for all the wonderful regular people, that would really help beautify our fair city? And, by the way, I always try to wave to these wonderful regular ordinary people as I ride by them in my limousine every day. And last week as I was passing them by it hit me: Trash. That was it! That’s when I came up with what I must say- and not in a braggadocious way –  is my incredibly awesome and unbelievably brilliant idea of helping us all by creating a place – a repository – where all our trash can be deposited in a fabulous high-class huge way.

I’m going to call it The Donald’s Huge Dump.

And, I must say that I think I’ve had this dump in me for quite a while now, and it’s time to get it out. In my mind’s eye I can see it now: an incredibly unbelievable fabulously huge, tastefully gold trimmed, 30 foot high-class blinking red and blue neon sign discreetly announcing it’s presence from across the Hudson to all my fellow New Yorkers big and small –THE TRUMP DUMP. And let me say that I get these genius ideas – like this tremendous huge dump – and I know I’m going to make it, but then I sit with it. I sit – and I think. And I feel them percolate, and then they run right through me. It’s a very religious experience. Believe me.

So, I sat…and I thought…and I took this huge dump and looked at it from many different angles until I saw that it would float. Now you may think that my dump is just another incredible pile, but I know better. I look upon it as a destination place for only the best, high-class, trash from all the five boroughs. In addition, I am certain future generations will look upon this fabulously big dump of mine as the first effort in a monumentally huge movement: a movement towards making this city even more of a place where even more of the right kind of people will wanna come. Besides just to see me I mean.

Right this very minute I have what is no doubt the world’s most unbelievably incredibly unbelievable talented collection of incredibly fabulous engineers working on a fantastically amazing logarithm to completely validate my contention that my dump will have no odor. And, believe me – I have incontrovertible proof positive that this is also true.”


Since Mr. Trump mentioned “the Hudson”, reporters asked him where he’d been leaving his big dump, and he replied; “Newark New Jersey. I originally planned on locating it somewhere in Manhattan where I never go and where I thought it would fit right in, like Harlem, the Upper West Side, or the East Village. However, my good friend Mayor de Blasio came to me and begged me to reconsider those locations – which I very graciously did. Believe me I am very, very gracious. And then my very good friend, The Honorable Chris Christie the great Governor of New Jersey old me over dinner at Le Cafe De Grand Vent that he is 100% behind me on my dump.

Incidentally, since everyone is interested in anything I do, I had the Chilean Sea Bass – it may be endangered but who really cares, and he had a lobster and two nearly endangered 24 oz Caribou Porterhouses.”

OMG!! My sides hurt! LOL…:

He was then asked if he had stopped to consider that perhaps putting a monstrously huge New York City trash heap in another neighboring state might be looked upon as somewhat inconsiderate, Trump replied; “I know for a fact that anyone would be proud to have any Trump project in their neighborhood. People will welcome my dump because I made it. I took a huge dump and gave it my fabulous individual stamp of greatness – The Trump imprimatur – which is, of course, awesome, incredible, fabulous, and unbelievable. And, let’s be real okay? Just between you and me – what do I care what they think?

Now, the people who know me, really know me, know that I’m not one to toot my own horn. I am not a guy who brags, but the other people, the regular, ordinary people, the little people, they all love me…I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the Newark neighborhood I’ve chosen will welcome my dump with open arms. I also have incontrovertible proof of this as well.

Remember, I built my Trump Taj Mahal, which has an unbelievable 1250 deluxe rooms, and is, if I may say so, far superior to that shack in India which has, what – 560 rooms? And, I built my Taj in Atlantic City, New Jersey…and everyone who is anyone comes to The Trump Taj Mahal. I myself do not know anyone who’s ever gone to that other Taj Mahal. Another thing, people love me because they know in their heart of hearts that I’m really one of them. And, here is my birth certificate to incontrovertibly prove that.”

When reporters pointed out that the Trump Taj Mahal is closing Trump sniffed; “so not true. Just another crooked Hillary lie..”

Trump then telephoned for a blow job – and while he waited for it, went back to supervising the twelve illegal immigrant servants who were polishing the gold fixtures in his 30,000 square foot, three story, 50 million dollar Manhattan penthouse.

Political Cartoons of the Week: Trump's Mdeal:


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  1. I loathe this poor excuse for a man. My friend, who also hates Trump, has friends that love him (because they don’t read the news – they’re spoon-fed sheeple). Today on FB, one of those idiots posted a list of bad things Clinton has done compared to a list for Trump. The only item on the Trump list was “sad mean things about a woman 20 years ago.”

    I’ve seen through this asshole’s bullshit since the first time I heard about him decades ago.


    Posted by Michelle | October 4, 2016, 1:31 am
    • “loathe” doesn’t even BEGIN to approach the animus i harbor for this cockroach…and i am doing a disservice to the noble roach by comparing this Nazi nincompoop to it, or any other repulsive crawling creature. thanx Michelle. continue…


      Posted by barkinginthedark | October 4, 2016, 2:20 am
  2. What makes the goofing on #Drumpf so breathtakingly uneasy (and of course funny) is that imagining him saying patently ridiculous things will never be as crazy as the the things he says in reality. I mean those declarations during the debate about being smart for being a loophole tax evader & that it was just good business to declare bankruptcy and cheer for middle class home foreclosures are so insane (especially said during a 100 million audience debate) that an all star SNL writing team couldn’t dream them up. Your spot on take on Drumpfian largesse is hilarious but sadly so close to the egotistical shit stream he pukes out everyday that it’s scary…keep doing work brother, be cool!



    Posted by Johnny Spade | October 3, 2016, 6:21 pm

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