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Why the hell am I even talking to these people as if they have brains? Am I crazy? These morons just elected the king of morons to succeed me. What a fucking insult. And, how gullible are these assholes who voted for this schmuck? These people don’t want anyone with a mind to be their President, they obviously think a sociopathic bullshit artist will lead them to the Promised Land. What a joke!

Jobs? He’s gonna give them jobs? He’s gonna bring back the jobs they’ve lost? Give me a fucking break. I sent close to 500 jobs bills to their dumb Republican Congress and they voted all of them down! I can’t believe I’m even thinking that I hope all the people who voted for this asshole get what’s coming to them. They lose their Medicare, their Social Security…what am I thinking? That’s how fucking pissed off I am…and Michelle is even more pissed off. To think that we even lifted a finger to try and make this country a better place…I wanna throw up.

Image result for trump con man cartoons

These people have taken stupid to the nth degree. And, to boot, they think it’s just fine that Russia hacked our election. I can’t believe it! Wait… I can believe it! That’s what’s so fucked up about all this.

And, these appointments…what the fuck? And his endangered species killing sons and his jewelry designing daughter are advising him on state matters? And, he’s listening to them? Wake the fuck up America because you are sliding into banana republic land. You have elected a wannabe dictator to be your… oh God, I can’t even bring myself to say this…to be your President? Am I fucking dreaming?

Why the fuck am I still trying to tell these oafs how full of shit this asshole is? He comes to get my counsel? Who the fuck does he think he’s fooling? He sits there with nothing behind his eyes thinking about how is new hotel is doing while pretending he’s listening. And he thinks I don’t know it! Who the fuck does he think he’s dealing with? Well, besides all the low IQ idiots who voted for him. And, about these brain-dead mouth breathing knuckle draggers who did vote for this toxic piece of shit…well…you know what…fuck ’em all.

Image result for trump con man cartoons

I love how the media talks about this prick like he’s a genuine person. They actually give us detailed reports on what this putz thinks. What he thinks is me, me, me, me, and oh – me. That’s what the fuck he thinks. And, his stupid tweets…give me a break. Can we sink any lower…I don’t think so!

So to all you people who decided that this lying, insecure, narcissistic, petulant, con man cretin belongs in the White House – go fuck yourselves. I sure hope you get what’s coming to you.

Barry out.

Image result for trump con man cartoons


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  1. Here’s where I have come to disagree with this attitude. Background: campaigned twice for Obama…then Sanders. Many voted Obama Obama then Trump. On your part it is an assumed attitude on Obama’s part, I can’t say whether it’s Obama’s real attitude…although I have come to believe it is the Democratic attitude all along. Democrats did this to themselves. By arrogantly thinking they were smarter, “my way or the highway” we refused to engage the massive “Trump majority” who ONLY wanted change and some help. Instead,, they got “basket of deplorables” and the kitchen sink thrown at them. Way to go. Way to be “decent human beings” like Dems tout themselves to be. I don’t give a shit if they think differently at certain key points, the bottom line: if we don’t have them working with us in 2018 this great BRILLIANCE of we democrats will BURY DEMOCRACY FOREVER. Way to go.


    Posted by gabydolphin | December 19, 2016, 11:46 am
    • Her “basket of deplorables” statement??? and that is your rationale for electing this ignorant clown? He called Mexican’s rapists…bragged about grabbing a woman’s pussy…suggested that Russia hack Clinton…will be appointing people who have abject disdain for the departments they will now head up…A President with massive conflict-of-interest issues? Refused to show his taxes, refuses to disconnect from all his businesses in over 20 countries which will influence ALL his decisions? Has his children advising him? You must be joking? And, it’s Democrats who will be responsible for burying democracy? Joking? No – you are delusional. When you lose your health care, your Social Security, your Medicaid, your access to Planned Parenthood, when your Public schools are all privatized, your environment destroyed by fossil fuel corporations, your jobs now gone forever (i remind you; Obama proposed some 500 jobs bills ALL voted down by the Republican Congress!) and when the new right-wing judicial activist takes away your rights as a woman – let me know then how you feel – and how your family and your country is doing. All this, and you are citing “basket of deplorables”??? And “we refused to engage the massive Trump majority who ONLY wanted change and some help.” what are you talking about? 500 JOBS BILLS AIMED AT HELPING THESE PEOPLE! “Way to be “decent human beings” ??? A 30 year Republican campaign of lies and distortions against Clinton. The archaic Electoral College? You think that this is more fair than Clinton getting 3 MILLION MORE POPULAR VOTES? So, we say nothing? We just be good little Germans and hand these Plutocratic Fascists our country? We “did this to ourselves?” I guess Russia’s hacking of our election, the FBI’s meddling, the gerrymandered districts, the decades long GOP efforts to disenfranchise minority and lower-income voters – none of this matters to you? Is it all lost on you?
      here’s a video of the insulting statements of this most ugly American: http://mashable.com/2016/09/26/craziest-things-trump-video/#q4IlLNDF_qqm
      And, if you can stop watching FOX News long enough to read – here’s the N Y Times compendium of all this creep’s insulting remarks:
      you have drunk the cool-aid.


      Posted by barkinginthedark | December 19, 2016, 1:16 pm
  2. The words and graphics are brilliant.


    Posted by leggypeggy | December 17, 2016, 7:45 pm
  3. Hillary hit it on the head when she described them as “the Deplorables”. She should not have apologized for saying it.


    Posted by Garner Foley | December 17, 2016, 4:49 pm
  4. Butterflies in my tummy…… I don’t know if I can survive 4 years of this….. The US , imo, have 2 life – changing disasters happen to it…. 9/11 and election of Trump , in the 21st century.


    Posted by renxkyoko | December 17, 2016, 12:33 pm
  5. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, Tony. Spew out the toxins and stay strong, my friend! 😉 xoM


    Posted by Margarita | December 17, 2016, 10:55 am

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