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Do you want to know how truly despicable the Republican Party electorate is? Polls show that their base does not think it’s a big deal that the Russians hacked our election! They won – and that’s all that matters to them! All that has ever mattered to them. This obscenity hews to the Republican Party mindset. Governance on behalf of the people? Are you naive? 

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Thanks to the staggering stupidity of too many voters in this country one of the greatest Presidents in our history will be soon followed into the White House by a grotesquerie of equally staggering boorishness. This is the product of decades of plutocratic sponsored Republican lies and fear-mongering. But, their war against the powerless is about to be accelerated.

I am sitting here still seething, jaw agape and hair on fire, at the magnitude of enough of this country’s electorate’s willful ignorance – and, their current mindless celebration at committing suicide on behalf of all the rest of us who still have the use of our brains. The blend of sheer stupidity and gullibility of these oafs who now cheer this monstrous clown as he brags about himself endlessly is nauseating to anyone who has a functioning cerebrum. I am trying to decide which of these two I detest more, the grotesque monster or the brain-dead boobs. It is quite a tough decision.

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We shall now reap the whirlwind of what the Republican Party has cynically decided would be a good thing for America. Finally, they stand on the precipice of their fondest desire. The destruction of the things they most hate – the remains of both FDR’s New Deal, and LBJ’s Great Society. That there should exist any programs constituting any kind of Social Safety net, which Republican Plutocrats, and their Congressional puppets, cannot use to line their pockets is anathema to these vultures. All must be privatized is their mantra. Union’s must be busted. To use the public’s tax dollars for the benefit of the public is a Republican sin of the highest order. Spending is evil…unless, of course, it’s for the Pentagon. Or, to defund Planned Parenthood. And, now they have the King of Dummies as their front man.

As an aside, but quite a telling one, notice how the Benghazi hearings were terminated as soon as the results of the election were apparent. The Republican’s “patriotic” search for “truth” in this matter was, of course, nothing more than another Republican charade calculated to further continue the decades-long smear of Hillary Clinton.

I refuse to be a good little Nazi. This country is far from perfect. But we, who still believe in the promise of Democracy – however flawed, must now stand in defiance of the Oligarch/Plutocracy-backed Republican Party which is now threatening to finish their decades long attempts at the destruction of all that remains of FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society – the social safety net that distinguishes us as a beacon of fairness and opportunity in the world. This, in direct opposition to the deadly stifling Authoritarianism that looms ahead, led by the clown who kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on his night table. And, this news is not “fake” news.

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Moreover, the arrogant hypocrisy of this man and his scummy offspring is on display here in all its blatant fuck you-nish – after accusing Hillary Clinton falsely of pay-for-play, this: A new Texas nonprofit led by Donald Trump’s grown sons is offering access to the freshly-minted president during inauguration weekend — all in exchange for million-dollar donations to unnamed “conservation” charities, according to interviews and documents reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity.

Here is the great Charles M. Blow in yesterday’s (12/19/16) New York Times. Once again, he says it all for me:




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  1. I don’t get it why are you so surprised about this character and the fellow patriots that voted for him, after having had the Bush Klan for a 20 years in the White House…


    Posted by transtime | December 22, 2016, 8:35 am
  2. Trump and his brown shirts cabinet, will try to do their best to fuck this country over, any way they can. True to form. Herr Trump could give two shits the people who voted for him.

    Happy Holidays, Tony!


    Posted by A Pondering Mind | December 21, 2016, 6:23 pm
  3. I can’t agree more: Fuck Republicans, in particular, fuck their idiot asshole voters who keep voting for them. It is infuriating beyond description. It is good to see articles like the one here from The NY Times. We need to keep hammering away at Herr Trump and his cabinet of SS Officers. I can honestly say, if you vote Republican, you’re a stupid fucking idiot.


    Posted by inspiredbythedivine1 | December 21, 2016, 4:21 pm
  4. ” sigh ” What can the rest of us do,Mr. Powers ? It’s too much to bear .


    Posted by renxkyoko | December 21, 2016, 3:37 pm
  5. DT and his followers are symbiotic parasites. There’s no separation between them as to which is worse. They are terrifying, which is not to say they are to be feared, Tony. They are to be fought, resisted, bested, overcome, but never feared for it takes unshakeable courage to do what we must do. Carry on, my friend! 😉 xoM


    Posted by Margarita | December 21, 2016, 2:40 pm

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