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No, this isn’t about Donnie Trump

This time we are playing the dozens

On someone as big of a chump

These assholes are two kissin’ cousins

Image result for scott pruitt Entitlement cartoons

It’s Pruitt of whom we’ll admit

We can’t call a pig because it

Is an insult unfair

To pigs everywhere

Who don’t wallow in half as much shit


Hey Pruitt you creep you could do it

You could blight Oklahoma and screw it

But we ain’t Oklahoma

You fucking melanoma

You bit so much off you can’t chew it

Image result for scott pruitt cartoons

For example your acquaintance with truth

Requires your own soundproof booth

And sirens that blare

As you’re driven somewhere

To dine on poulet au vermouth


That booth cost us all forty-three

And seventy for two desks on your spree

That’s a hundred ten k

We the people will pay

For a crook big as dumb Donny T.

Image result for scott pruitt cartoons

One-sixty-eight k for first class

To avoid the unclean coach seat mass

Fifty bucks for your vote

Was the lobbyist’s quote

For your room to boost oil coal and gas


America’s been your cash cow

You’ve milked us for three million – wow!

You have pulled on our tit

You scummy old git

So the cow’s gonna shit on you now

Image result for scott pruitt cartoons

You’re a perfect fit in Donnie’s boat

Which is so shit-filled it cannot float

But you ‘n Don’ll be gone

‘Cause these kids coming on

Will flush you away with their vote

Image result for scott pruitt cartoons

Soon you’ll all be flushed down the commode!

Image result for scott pruitt cartoons

Yeah, Scottie we all see your aura

You’re dumb Donnie T’s fellow schnorrer

Take a tip – go and buy

A “yuge” case of K-Y

You’ll both need when you’re thrown in Dannemorra



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  1. Now Pruitt’s gone
    but the swamp remains
    and will as long as
    The Donald reigns

    which he will do
    until he’s impeached
    which he won’t be
    until the end is reached

    of the GOP
    control of Congress
    so vote in November
    to clean up this mess


    Posted by mistermuse | July 6, 2018, 10:24 pm

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