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Fat Donnie who sits as if perched on a toilet

In a fast-food restaurant stall

His brain’s now so fevered anybody could boil it

And here’s to the genius who started it all

(Drum roll)

From the Acropolis

It’s…George Papadopoulos!


Here we go…


Fat Donnie Trump’s getting Muellered

We can all see it’s not a fair fight

In one corner sits a real dullard

His opponent’s fit, honest and bright

It’s all closing in on Don T.

We can see that it’s driving him nuts

The entire FBI is his sworn enemy

And the Justice folk all hate his guts


He convenes all his Generals for a meeting on Syria

A very nice show for TV

But he chews up the time with his oral diphtheria

Of bullshit, lies and me, me, me

And dumb Donnie Junior who loves killing game

Now knows how it feels to be stalked

And if Mueller’s fired it’ll still be the same

‘Cause we’ll get ’em all here in New Yawk


And who the fuck elected Jarvanka

The source of more Mueller fatigue

It all makes fat Donnie go bonkers

And acting just like Captain Queeg

Image result for donald trump captain queeg

This Cohen thug’s fat Donnie’s attorney

And the Feds have just kicked in his door

So fat Donnie’s even more squirmy

And fucked up than he was before


Meanwhile Paul Manafort and Gates

And both Flynns sing sweet Mueller tunes

Driving fat Don to a full Norman Bates

A mad unhinged loony buffoon


Image result for trump norman bates cartoon

Only an arrogant fool

With a lifetime of being a crook

Above every law every rule

Could think he’d stand Justice’s look


Surrounded by the best of the worst

The ass-kissers kissing the ring

Of the moron whose creed is “me first”

All stroking the idiot king

Image result for trump norman bates cartoon

DeVos and Pompeo and Mnuchin

Now Sessions and Bolton’s moustache

And Pruitt and Carson that douche ‘n

Their noses up fat Donnie’s ass


As long as Trump’s arm is the list of his crimes

His ethic’s as short as his dick

History will note it’s the worst of our times

Trashed by a moron who’s sick

Image result for trump crimes cartoons

So here’s how it all will go down

Bob Mueller having rolled up his sleeves

Is hell-bent to run them to ground

Fat Donnie and all of his thieves

Each day brings us more revelations

And cause for disgust and derision

Have faith we’ll soon hold celebrations

When Bob sends them all off to prison.


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  1. Let’s play some background music for this chapter…


    Posted by transtime | April 11, 2018, 6:46 pm

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