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Other than upturning it and leaving it completely empty there is only one satisfactory way to drive bad water out of a vessel. Good water must be poured in to replace the bad. Our country is a vessel. We have been sailing on it together in safety for 242 years. Passengers together. Sometimes we get along sometimes we have internal disputes. But, even as we do, we have made ourselves safe from being torpedoed. Now, our vessel is in danger. Our magazine is threatening to explode. The SOS is sounding loud and clear. So loud it is piercing the heavy fog trying to muffle it. Threatening to cover it completely.

If we are to save our vessel from settling in the mud on the bottom, impossible to salvage – the result of being swamped by bad water – we must bail out this bad water. And all of us in all the cabins on all the levels of our vessel, all of us who are hard at work helping to keep this vessel afloat are now called on to man a bucket. It is now all hands on deck.

I am listening to a great human speak. President Barack Obama, a true statesman, urging us to do the one single simple thing that will keep our vessel sailing on – however stormy the sea.

Only our vote can save our vessel!

                                        ALL HANDS ON DECK!


  VOTE!                  VOTE!                    VOTE!                  VOTE!              VOTE!

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5 thoughts on “ALL HANDS ON DECK

  1. Every day until Nov. 6 is a day our vessel sinks lower and lower. VOTE on Nov. 6 and don’t leave our fate up to Bob Mueller, whose integrity is beyond question, but whose role is not (because Republicans can’t be relied upon to save him from Trump’s machinations).


    Posted by mistermuse | September 8, 2018, 12:13 pm
  2. November can’t get here quickly enough.


    Posted by leggypeggy | September 7, 2018, 6:35 pm

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