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Image result for mcconnell turtle

McConnell you dried up old tortoise

You’ll be sorry you didn’t abort us

We’re comin’ for you

An’ your boy Donnie too

And each House member to Supreme court us

Image result for lindsey graham pic

And Graham you self-righteous twit

You self-serving cock-sucking git

You and your gangs

Will soon face the fangs

Of the women repulsed by your shit

Image result for susan collins pic

Collins a myopic dope

Delusional destroyer of hope

In Kavanaugh’s thrall

Insulter of all

Believes he’s as pure as the Pope

Image result for orrin hatch pic

And Orrin who blithely dismissed

And shooed with a flick of his wrist

The women who pled

For respect but instead

Got the royal Republican dis

Image result for chuck grassley pic

And dear dopey old tone-deaf Chuck

Who looked stupid passing the buck

Scared stiff to face

A woman of grace

Next to her just a cowardly cuck

Image result for jeff flake pic

Which brings us to the coward Jeff Flake

Not running thus nothing at stake

Except for his soul

But the way these men roll

In the end one more G.O.P. fake

Image result for trump pictures

All you puppets and parrots of Fox

Our calendars are set – and our clocks

For that November day

When you’re all flushed away

And the tax fraud Trumps stand in the docks

Image result for trump and family pic

         Image result for vote sign pics



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  1. This Howard Zinn opinion piece offers a little bit of hope. It’s from 2005 but oh-so relevant today.


    Posted by leggypeggy | October 9, 2018, 6:34 pm

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