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In light of the Florida re-count and the latest massacre in California;

Image result for republican congress pics 2018

Republican members of Congress. Notice anything?

I am saddened, sick, and tired, of the TV talking heads asking and answering so many questions that have obvious answers.

Cases in point, the latest gun massacre in Thousand Oaks California and the Florida Governor re-count imbroglio caused by the purposely designed-to-be-confusing Florida mid-term ballot;

Question. “Why can’t Florida design an easy to read ballot?” The obvious answer should be: THEY CAN! OF COURSE THEY CAN! THE REPUBLICANS SIMPLY DO NOT WISH TO! That, of course wasn’t the answer given. Instead, the person this question was directed to blabbed something stupid about how it “should be easy…” blah blah blah.  Of course it’s easy…but if you’re going to call yourself an “expert” on our political scene you should be able to come to a simple obvious answer to a question which has already answered itself too many times in the past.

Related image

Republican members of Congress. Still wondering?

And then there’s this one;

Question. “Why can’t we get guns off the streets?” Here again there is an obvious answer to anyone with eyes and ears. Instead we hear things like; “well…there are laws in place right now that make it difficult to etc and yada yada yada…” Instead of the obvious answer which is; “REPUBLICANS CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE – IF THEY WISH TO WORK ACROSS THE AISLE TO DO SO…BUT THEY CHOOSE NOT TO! Because, and this is the terrible truth, The Republican Party (and by extension Donald Trump) does not mind the headlines about the latest mass shooting which gets the topic of their crimes and corruption on every level off of TV and the front pages. Conveniently, it feeds right into their three card Monty hustle of us all i.e. look at that new massacre over there – while I pick your pocket and take your country from you over here.” Another question which has already answered itself too many times in the past.

Related image

Anything leaping out yet? Oh, these are all Republicans.

Astute readers will have, by now, noticed that I have not fallen prey to the tried and true bullshit of; “both sides are equally to blame…” or some such version of this crap. I know that you know that Democrats have, and are, in favor of gun control – and Republicans? NOT! Democrats have been trying to make voting easier for forever – and Republicans? NOT!  And…speaking of this question of guns, today’s New York Times, our paper of record – which I read over breakfast faithfully every eleven-ish AM (hey, I usually don’t go to bed until three AM, and sometimes later than that so…) Today’s Times has this amazingly oblivious sentence in an editorial Titled; Will Congress Toughen Gun Laws? (Which is a question that can be answered in one short word.) And here I will leave you, astute reader, to guess what that word is. Anyway, here is this sentence: “Better still, since Mr. Trump has a taste for combat and prides himself on shaking things up (me: at least they get this obvious fact, but do they get the why of it?) continuing on with the editorial’s sentence…”prides himself on shaking things up, what could be more disruptive than pressuring lawmakers to grow a spine and attack gun violence?” What could be more disruptive? I believe we have already answered this jaw-droppingly stupid question.

Related image

Any answers yet?

How many times can one get smacked in the face with a dead mackerel before one realizes that one is being smacked in the face with a dead mackerel? Or be hit on the head with a mallet…and here may I refer you – judging by their “base” – to the voting test I believe The Republican Party uses to find their core constituency.

Q. Would you rather be hit over the head with a heavy mallet by a stupid narcissistic wealthy white man, a smart black man, or any female – especially a Pelosi or a Clinton?

  1. It doesn’t matter.
  2. I’m thinking it over.
  3. What does narcissistic mean?
  4. The wealthy white man.

Q. Who, in your opinion, would be more likely to score a direct hit onto your skull with a heavy mallet – a rich out-of-touch asshole of a wealthy white man, a smart black man, or any female – especially a Pelosi or a Clinton?

  1. This is an interesting question – I’ll have to give it some thought also.
  2. Can I choose what kind of heavy mallet?
  3. Can I wear my trucker cap?
  4. The wealthy white man.

Q. Would you consider being hit over the head with a heavy mallet more than one time?

  1. If it didn’t hurt – I would.
  2. How many times more?
  3. What does consider mean?
  4. If I was being hit over the head by a wealthy white man – why not?

If you even bothered to answer any of these questions you are an invaluable asset (this means you are important) to The Republican Party. Thank you.

                                                   The end.

Image result for republican congress pics 2018

These guys’ll definitely pass tougher gun control laws.

Okay…you get it. Continue to make this country so stupid that they cannot see that the obvious answers to our questions are practically contained in the questions themselves.

Oh…here’s another question – and it’s related to all the questions above:

Why do you suppose Republicans seem to be doing all they can to diminish the chance for America’s children to get a decent education?

Don’t even begin to ponder the answer.

Image result for misspelled political signs

At a Trump rally.


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  1. I just started reading ‘Deer Hunting with Jesus’. Sadly, it explains a lot.


    Posted by leggypeggy | November 10, 2018, 4:12 pm
    • just read review of this book…”downright stupid”, “dumber than owl shit” are some of what he says about the majority of white working-class and poor Americans…and calls ignorance the greatest enemy of working-class Americans…sadly, all too true. thanks LP continue…

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by barkinginthedark | November 10, 2018, 6:12 pm
  2. Look, this is my tangible reality:
    Today San Francisco it’s covered with ashy clouds and it is becoming hard to breath from the wood fires all over the State, in the supermarket prices continues to rise at a steady pace, at Ross for example the comforters that were $21 are now $35, taxes for what is made in china, but nothing it is made in here, so, someone it is cashing in the $15 bucks rise and no option to buy the equivalent made in America seems to be in the horizon, rents are $2400 for a studio , and no one does anything at all whatsoever for issues that affects the daily life of Citizens, office buildings keep rising in downtown but if you find apartments buildings under construction the price starts at $750.000 per unit and the list goes on, the smoke started in San Francisco on november 6th, maybe it comes from the ballots…


    Posted by transtime | November 10, 2018, 12:23 pm
    • i feel you brutha…Rome is falling…and dropping the great distance from FDR to here – so it’ll take a miracle…not to mention the Planet running a high fever…not to be a Pollyanna but we can make things right if we begin yesterday. but…ahhh…who am i kidding? thanks man. continue…


      Posted by barkinginthedark | November 10, 2018, 2:30 pm

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