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Even as I write scree after scree regarding the abject failures of Donald Trump – certainly as someone who controls America’s policy but more sadly as his masquerade as a human – I am painfully aware that of all his many failures the one regarding climate change is the most destructive and will, unless we come to our senses, have the most dire outcome for all life on earth.

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By steadfastly refusing to understand and face the reality that we are killing the only place that sustains us Donald Trump displays an ignorance that underscores his insanity. In his dogged push for the continued use of fossil fuels Trump, and his minions who slavishly cheer him on, shows us that he, and they, are all mad. In the face of the multitude of natural disasters that have besieged us in the last ten years, proven by science to be the results of man’s use of fossil fuel, of man’s deforestation all across the globe, of man’s lack of a cosmic view of his place in the universe, each and every person who denies what is taking place in our climate must be judged to be insane. It is as if you set fire to a plane in which you are a passenger. Ignoring climate change’s impact on life on earth is that insane an action.

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Donald Trump has shown us again and again that he is unashamedly without a shred of decency. Shown us that he is unmoored to any idea of “truth.” Drifted so far from any moral obligation to law or basic humanity that he is beyond rescue. However, it is his contempt for the findings of science, and denial of what he surely must see with his own eyes, that is proof beyond a doubt that he is certifiable. Surely, it is this stubborn insistence on exacerbating the crisis of global warming by his appointments and actions that will hasten our planet’s destruction. By his actions, and the actions of all those like him, the spaceship we are all passengers in is growing perilously closer to going down. And a madman is at the controls.

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It is quite amazing that we have placed ourselves in the hands of someone this fragile, this wounded, this filled with ugly resentments. A creature so eager to “get even” with all he has perceived who have “wronged” him, or slighted him, all through his charmed life. Someone so unconscious as to his place in the universe as to be unable, or unwilling, or uncaring, to peer into the future to see, or even consider, the results of his actions. A criminal besieged by demons.

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That this monster would not only willingly, but eagerly, separate children from their parents as political calculation and, on top of that, gas them…is testament to his cold cruelty. Now we must consider that his willingness to mock the alarms of climate scientist’s repeated warnings that global warming is real and we are the prime cause of what will surely lead to our planet’s destruction to be testament to his insanity. Further proof of his insanity is that, even with his meager grasp of man’s connection to and dependence on nature, even with his lack of caring about same, he probably grudgingly understands that the science is correct, and yet still chooses to refute the findings purely so he can keep collecting the money that keeps him and his allies in the trappings of power.

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We can only hope that the coming House hearings will reveal to many of his “flock” how little he cares about them and how corrupt he and his children are. We must, in the 2020 election, oust him and elect a person who realizes that the destruction by global warming of the only home we have is the most critical problem we face. Nothing else matters if we do not use all the technology we have at our disposal to address this threat.

We can also only hope there will be a history to mark how willfully destructive this insane monster was.


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  1. It’s also so disheartening. Hanging out for 2020.


    Posted by leggypeggy | November 27, 2018, 11:49 pm

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