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This lout

This boor

This fetid spoor

This blight upon our land

This stench

This stain

This abiding shame

This fear by hate speech fanned

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The fat

The white

Repellant sight

Of opulence and greed

Their first of acts

Repeal roll-backs

For borrowers in need

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‘O pompous grotesque oafish braggart

Take that thumb you raise and wag it

Up your fat pink ugly ass

Devoid of grace untouched by class

The trail of slime

You leave behind

All putrid in extremis

A vessel empty

Save for shit

For e’er our shameful blemish

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Sower of gloom

Portent of doom

Unburdened by honor and truth

Unkind, unwise

Un-shamed by lies

Unlearned, unread, uncouth

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This fat orange clown

Who scams the dumbed-down

Devoid of a brain, heart and soul

You grotesque display

Now slither away

Your act has grown laughably old

Your ignorance out of control

Just go and crawl back in your hole

While we sane reclaim what you stole

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Tony Powers is a writer/actor/musician. His full bio may be seen by clicking on the picture, and then clicking on either of the 2 boxes below it.


4 thoughts on “ODE TO THE VILE

  1. This should be set to music. Perhaps a dirge.


    Posted by leggypeggy | August 21, 2019, 12:03 am
  2. Oh please let me “like” this more than once!!!


    Posted by https://jotsfromasmallapt.com | August 20, 2019, 8:25 pm
    • Thank you R. i appreciate it…but it’s a sad state that drives me to write with such dripping hatred. also, your comments are closed and i wanted to tell you how much i liked your work “Not Figs” – so i’m telling you now. i think your palette, your oeuvre, is wonderful. continue…


      Posted by barkinginthedark | August 20, 2019, 11:22 pm

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