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Rallies Across The Country Urging Congress To Impeach President Trump Held On Eve Of House Vote

New York, NY

There is only one thing that will move the Republican Senate to vote to impeach Trump. That one thing is the fear of their not being re-elected. If they see enough of the electorate out in the streets protesting and rallying for impeachment they will have little choice but to bow to the will of the people. They will do this because having and holding power is all they really care about.

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Denver, CO

Thousands, all across the country, are taking to the streets to show their support for the impeachment  of Donald Trump. If this continues in massive numbers, and if what we know about politicians only caring about being re-elected is correct, then we can force these Republicans to do our will. 


Chicago, IL

We must all now join in these public protests in favor of the impeachment and conviction of this lawless president. To find some of the marches and activist events happening in major cities around the country, just google for the information as to when and where these protests are taking place in your city and town. The pages below are a good place to start.


Washington D.C.



Salt Lake City, Utah

Detroit MI



Fort Worth TX


Louisville, KY


Oakland, CA

impeachment rally boston




Image result for Southern cities impeachment rally pics


Click on this to see the pictures of the hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens who have already taken to the streets to send the message to Washington D.C.

Now, let us all take to the streets. We can drive the Republican Party to do the will of the people out of the only thing they care about and fear; losing their power.

Image result for impeach signs


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  1. A great call to action. Wish I could be there to march.


    Posted by leggypeggy | December 18, 2019, 4:14 pm

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