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I and the little missus are all in for our grate leader Mr Donald Trump who has so many times and other so many times re-vealed to all of us his bright brillianse. His new name for NATO whitch is NATOME is way beyond more brillianter. The little missus was raveing about it all through while she was vacuming the house, doing the lawndry, irening my shirts, wawking the dog, cookking our dinner (the swansong salesberry steak – so yumy) and washing the dishes. Now we are watching our fave TV show Cops and she still can’t stop raveing about NATOME – as i have been to. Butt she is still so raveing that she keeps forgeting to pass me the econamy size bag of candy corn.

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Trump is a genus. A genus. And more stabled than anything. I and the little missus are both in awe of his interlect. No wander he was elected to be the leeder of this grate country. Peeple see themselfs in him. But no peeple not like the black dude on the TV right now that the officers have tazed and cuffed and bent over his car hood because he tawked back at the cop. Serves him right. And we are both so with Mr Trump in beleiving that thay shood not bother to protect his head now while they are shoveing him into the back of the police car. Good thay didn’t. I wish she would pass the bag.

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Like the little missus says NATOME could only come from the fertel mind of someone as smart as Mr Trump and I agree to. This is one more shinning exampel of why this man is our leeder becawse he is smart as anything. We thouhgt Sarah Palin was smart but this man is even more smarterer. He knows more about everthing then anyone ever. More then me for sure thouhg the missus says she married me becawse not only for my handsomenessness but that I was the smartest in my class in shcool to. But I digest, back to Mr Trump even the Jewboy Inestine was not as smart for sure and for sure his hair wasn’t near as grate eether. Also his dauhgter Ivonka has good hair. We both are sure Don Jr or Ivonka or both together will be our next grate leeder G-d willing after Don Sr wins this next eleckshun. Thay will for sure keep America grate and thay both have good hair to.

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Also we agree with Mich McRommel that why do we need any witlesses in this foney trial? Whitch is so fake like Mr Trump says. Mr Trump is the most honest man ever to be in the white house for sure and all he cares about are the peeple of this grate country and not his self and if he says this You Kramium stuff is all foney we beleive him and not shifty Shiff to. And Polesi.

The little missus and I will be voting for Donald Trump a grate American patroit.

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She ate all the candy corn.


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  1. The saddest thing is that many of his supporters are well-educated and can spell.


    Posted by leggypeggy | January 14, 2020, 4:49 pm

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