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The Ballad of Willard “Mitt” Romney or: Willard is a Perfect Name for Someone Who Enjoys the Company of *Rodents.

Mitt you’re a real fucking git You’re a scumbag, and a douche bag large writ You’re a self-serving spoiled piece of shit As fake as a silicon tit With one half  the wit of half-wit With a laugh that’s a real counterfeit A flip flopping smug hypocrite An empty valise of a nit So wholly, … Continue reading

The Ballad of: What is Obscenity? Or: It’s All Upside-Down

Clemens is on trial for “juice” Edwards for campaign abuse But Cheney and W Reduced Iraq to rubble who Lied just to do it – are loose   Bradley Manning told all of us facts The Pentagon’s political hacks Don’t want us to know So now he must go On trial for his heroic acts … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Plan or: You say Potato, I say Patahto, You say Tomato, I say Tamahto…

  In Bohemian Grove in ‘09 the Republicans hatched their plan Let’s get rid of this nigger Obama – ANY damn way we can   Long before they ever saw What the man could do To move us forward, they all swore On their bibles to Destroy the man even tho’ It meant destroying us … Continue reading

The Ballad of the 196 Selfish Criminals

One-ninety-six Oligarchs Who think of us merely as marks Have contributed 80 per cent Of all of the PAC money spent To keep us down under their thumb To keep us in fear, deaf, and dumb, And lost in this cloud of dissension That keeps us from paying attention While this terrible one-ninety-six Moves us … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Party Defined

To all of you who remain loyal  To the GOP family of “royals” And you’re not rich, or privileged, or fried, And your news isn’t all Fox-i-fied And you actually CAN think – and read Love your wife, and your children, and need A job, and some healthcare, and the knowledge That, if they wish, … Continue reading

The Ballad of Fed Up to Here with These Right-Wing Republican Scumbags or: Go Fuck Yourselves You Fundamentalist GOP Trash

I’m sick of all your bullshit You goobers tryin’ to pull shit Screamin’ from your pulpit Goin’ into full fit Tryin’ to pull the wool shit Ya hear enough and you’ll shit From all you freaky people With your hands into a steeple Quotin’ bullshit from your prayer book As if you really care – … Continue reading