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All we need to know about the despicable Republican Party was on ugly display yesterday. Having given the wealthiest among us a huge tax break, which also included repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate, they simultaneously couldn’t resist the opportunity to refuse to renew CHIP, the Children’s Health program which provides low-cost health coverage to children … Continue reading

Romney “Friend” Completely Understands Romney Quote re: His $374,000 in Speaker’s Fees, “I get fees from time to time, but not very much.”

Whitney Ransom Goldfart IV, the wealthy scion of the uber wealthy Goldfart family was “arrested” today and “charged” with massive securities fraud and insider trading on a colossal scale.   Mr. Goldfart, 43, who, like the many generations of his family before him, literally farts 24 carat solid gold ingots, especially, as he has said … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Koch Brothers or: A Line of This Koch Can Kill Ya

The Koch brothers, richer than Croesus “Never enough” is their thesis Their gold is behind The Republican mind In their ongoing efforts to fleece us Their biz ranks top ten in pollution Greed is their main attribution They bankroll their suitors The political polluters Who desecrate our Constitution     They’re cold money-grabbers for sure … Continue reading