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Here is the way                             The  Republicans play They piss in the stream without care Then they go to the well And scream bloody hell When they cannot find clean water there   Finally, we have the adoption Of the GOP feared … Continue reading


  Jim DeMint; this ode is for you   You’re as welcome to us as shit on a shoe   Gave us Rubio, now Cruz   You’re the slime and the ooze   And the stench of a foul public loo       You now run the Heritage foundation   Whose mission’s to screw … Continue reading


I suspect that this latest tragedy in Connecticut – and all the other mass shootings, is the unavoidably inevitable result of a system that will steadfastly not  guarantee all it’s citizens a good free education, birth to death healthcare, and fails to maintain and build on its once great manufacturing base thereby losing work for its citizens, but instead continues to squander … Continue reading


Watching Mitt Romney comMitt Romneycide is very entertaining – albeit disgustingly embarrassing. He is his own Jersey Shore. But enough of the comedic portion of this post. Anyway, assisting in Romneycide, is the Romney “brain” trust – or: Bush’s cold left-overs – the same cretins who advised W…and we all  know how intelligent – and  prudent – … Continue reading

On This Day of Remembrance We Must Never Forget…

…that it was George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who blatantly ignored repeated warnings by the CIA and other security agencies that Osama Bin Laden was “determined” to attack us on our soil. And on this very day the war criminal Dick Cheney chooses to remind us that it is President Barack Obama who is … Continue reading

Scalia : Exactly What He sounds Like

A disease.