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English: Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in El...

English: Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



You know how you can’t help but stare
At a car crash – junk strewn everywhere
So I’m sitting here somewhat transfixed
At this show starring two major pricks

So I’m listening to Trump as he cons them in Ames
All these yahoos – so clueless their sole claim to fame
Don’t they hear all he speaks about is just his big lead
Don’t they hear there is nowhere a scant tiny seed
Of what he’ll do for these suckers – and yet they all cheer
It’s all me me me me me and me – can’t they hear?
All these ignorant goobers who love Palin too
And await their shared wisdom – their folie a deux

And Trump who’s a showman is making us wait
While he reels them all in using bullshit as bait
Still it’s me me and me and his subtext is clear
(I am talking to morons – but God, I’m big here)

And the crowd’s all-a dither awaiting the scene
Trump and Palin together – a moron’s wet dream
And Trump blathers on with his phony outrage
And then it is time – Sarah’s there on the stage!

Oh god, they’re beside themselves – their eyes are tearing
So now they’re all blind besides hard of hearing
Holy batshit it’s Palin – it’s Palin and Trump!
You can feel their hearts goin’ a-thumpety thump
It’s just way too crazy – too nuts to behold
(To me it’s pure fucking comedy gold)

Two perfectly paired for this loony-toon party
Introducing the Republican’s Laurel and Hardy
The Donald of course who’s “incredibly yuge”
And dear Sarah Palin the long-lost fourth stooge

The kings of Reality TV’s big stars
Who both sound as if they’ve just flown in from Mars
And the low I.Q. audience stands and it cheers
Like Sarah they too have nought ‘tween their ears

The Tea Party’s sovereign Queen of the Boobs
And the comb-over King of the ignorant Rubes
Together at last – now we’ll all hear the word
The plans for us all – from a mind and a third

Now Palin is doing her jive and her shuck
Trump stands there grinning – a doughy faced schmuck
I’m transfixed in horror, amazed as I glom it
Two circus freaks – I have to go vomit

I’m back and she’s braying some surreal shit
Her usual jive-ass rah-rah-rah large writ
And Trump whose grin is now plastered and taut
Thinking “These hicks are even more dumb than I thought!”

And finally it’s over for the dog and the pony
Take a bow Mr. Ego and Ms. Vapid Phony
No act ere in vaudeville was ever so slick
No rubes half as dumb as those buying this shtick

And now they’re both working the dummies in Tulsa
Having not done enough yet to really repulse ya
Palin is doin’ her dumb grizzly mommy
And Trump’s calling Senator Sanders a “commie?”

Palin who can wake up the deaf with her screeches
The narcissist Trump whose insane slander reaches
These gullible mouth breathing moronic Sooners
These prime village idiots and loony-tooners

And now having pulled off another fine fast one
They both wave ‘bye ‘bye – today’s cartoon is now done
And off they go two really lousy sick jokes
Eh, ba-bre-be, ba-bre-be, ba-bre – that’s all folks!


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  1. It’s too awful to be real … and yet it is.


    Posted by PiedType | January 22, 2016, 10:46 pm
  2. Palin is one demented asshole.


    Posted by A Pondering Mind | January 21, 2016, 7:36 pm
  3. Jekyll & Hyde together again…

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by transtime | January 20, 2016, 4:53 pm
    • worse…he was only one. thanx C. continue…


      Posted by barkinginthedark | January 20, 2016, 4:55 pm
      • Remember my words: The matching of emptiness and vacuum it’s perfect, many chances that they will be elected, a perfect sign of the times and the current apathy in wich this nation has submerged…


        Posted by transtime | January 20, 2016, 9:35 pm
      • it’s frightening and yes, an indication of the stupidity of a portion of the populace BUT…assuming – and this is a big assumption – that the progs, women, blacks, workers etc get out and vote then the GOP does not have a large enough portion of the possible voters to elect whichever of these GOP bums runs. thanks C. continue…


        Posted by barkinginthedark | January 21, 2016, 3:12 pm

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