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Behind the scene:

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Backstage he knows what he’ll do – yes 
Go out there, rev up all the clueless
Work them up into an Amurican lather
Give ’em that old tried ‘n true red-meat blather
But for now make ’em wait – let ‘em stew
(Don, these jerks are too good to be true)

In the crowd:   

They stand there all nursing their hate
Waiting for their candidate
To bring forth their venomous spew
Their hatred of Negro and Jew
Of anything foreign to them
They stew in their need to condemn
Mexicans in their rifle sights
And lusting to punch out your lights

Waving their Bibles and flags
Ready to scream at the “fags”
Prisoners of irrational fear
Waiting and eager to hear
Who the ones are they should blame
These “Christians” only in name
All filled up with fear and with doubt
Too lied to – to figure things out


Who are the ones who’re at fault?
Who are the ones to assault?
Who’s on their side, who is not?
Pure hatred is now all they’ve got
And these fires the con man will stoke
Hatreds he’ll cynically provoke

Weaknesses he’ll gladly use
Uncaring he will abuse
Unmindful he’ll lie straight-faced
Ungodly he’ll act as chaste
Unfeeling – and so far from grace
And in him their faith is now placed

But faith he’ll do what? Keep us white?
Faith that we’ll move further right?
Faith he won’t let gays be wed?
Faith he’ll kill “Obamacare” dead?
Faith that Planned Parenthood will lose?
Faith that he’ll build a yuge wall?
Faith guns are given to all?
Faith that we’ll drop a big bomb?
Faith we will wipe out Islam?
Faith he’ll be a climate deny-er
Faith he’ll tell Mexicans “you’re fired”

And so they stand and they wait
Surfeit by outrage and hate
Soon the great man will appear
Play on their faith, hope and fear
At all of this anger within
This rage that gnaws ‘neath their skin
That waits to spring coiled up tight
Loosed by their shining white knight

And the truth is I hope he will run
His chances are thin, slim to none
More like a million to one
Watching him beat will be fun

‘Cause if this ass Trump knows the “Art
Of the Deal” can he be this not smart
To court Sarah Palin, our Lady Macbeth
Dear dumb Sarah Palin – the true kiss of death

And if The Donald is finally the one
Who The Republican Party does pick to run
He will lose really “yuge” and thus by him fucked
Finally, “Republicanism” may self-destruct



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3 thoughts on “AT A TRUMP RALLY

  1. Republicans will self destruct, could that be possible?
    I ‘ll keep my fingers crossed and planning to go to the next Mexican Virgin Parade to pray for that, as well the nearest synagogue to ask the rabbi if that could be a miracle of God made possible by faith…


    Posted by transtime | January 23, 2016, 2:55 pm


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