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Mr Barking, a good friend of me in Provo Utah who’s name I do not wish to diverge sent me one of yore articals and wen I read it I about near chokked on my chicken fried bacon that my wives been cookin in the same yummy greece for 17 yeers. I am in cumpleat disagreement with you as yore just another bleeding heart libaral idiot. And quiet dum.

Immagrints are bad poeple period. Like Mr Trummp says thay are murdarers and rappists. And thare isnt no such thing as globbal warming and most deer to my heart is that wen I wuz waching all them tarific Republicun debates I did aggree that all of them planed Parentshood kliniks shoold never get any money ever. Thay and this Kennyin darkie Prezident are for sure doing the devvils work no dout.

Also I think that that any Parentshood Klinick that gets them selfs bommed probally has it comming to them. Them are just askin to be bommed in my mind handing out all that antiseptive advise to girls like my daughters sos thay can go out and have sex with whosever thay want at any time such as with them jews darkies muslins and beaners and all them there to.

Mr Barking, dont you know as we all know that womens was ment to have childrens and that is for sure why the good Lord G-d above in His intimate wisdum gave womens anginas an’ aviaries?

Image result for religious right cartoons

And womens came from the spare ribs of a man and so thay are less then a man and must do as a man says at all times always. A women belonges in the kichen doing what she naterally likes and is ment to do like making meals and washing dishes and also thay belonge in the house cleening the house and doing lawndry and just staying home having babies and channging dipers. An’ doin’ a whole lotta cleavin.

Because the Good Book sayeths she shall cleave to her husband in all things to. And having a klinick whare thay can recieve ideas how to decieve and not cleave is not G-dly and also we are put on his earth to go forth and do that begating as the good book says and to pro create also. And cleave as thay begat.

And also as I see it havving a place whare thay can plot against nature is just plain sack religious and some times we verry wise men have to act for the good of the comunity and we shall be rewarded in Heaven for it to. It will be noted on the Heavenly scroles that good men acted to keep thare daughters safe from this blasfemy that thay call “womans health care.” What a krock.

My momma who never needed any health care had 18 children. The onliest reason she and daddy stopped is ’cause thay ranned outta names. And all of them are smart like I and we was all home-skooled by Old Grammy Walda Emma Jo who lived til 42 and I sware on both the Blessed Virgin and Our Lady of Perpechewal Birth Pains that we are as smart as anyone hear and don’t need no one never telling us how to stop havving our babies. And I have 8 daughters to whose already have 21 babies in between them and all of us old enuff to vote will be voting for Mr Donald Trummp in this comming eleckshun come this part of the next yeer that comes later. And so will Young Grammy Darla Lou Raylene who just turneded 18.

He is mostly a pius man but who strayed with some loose woman Jazzy belles and who only married three times to only learn how to do it good. Mr Trummp beleives in The Bible and is devowt and he sez to beleive him in that and I do. Beleive him. And wasnt it that jew lover Bill Clinton who got blowed by that Loowinski jewess?

Last time i voted for Mr Mutt Ronmey becauze he wore magic underwares and he lost but he is still a good white man like Mr Trummp and I know in his heart he still thinks a man is boss of a woman and such as it is ment to be.

I am a Christain man and a believer in The Ten Commandoes and Christs word as must be all of thems who bomm them G-d forsaken klinick places in Christs name.

Happy forth of July Mr Barking and I will close by neeling and saying a good Christain prayer for every one who agrees like I and who ever don’t can go to hell amen.

H. R. (Bud) Schlammel Jr

Craigville, Indiana


Author’s note: Amen indeed.



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  1. I do deklare Mistake Bawkin Dog, yu do have a with werds.Luve reeding yor posts…
    Happy 4th, Tony!


    Posted by A Pondering Mind | July 3, 2016, 2:42 pm
  2. And you’re telling me that this beings are the same that got to the moon, and wrote a pseudo-bible named the Constitution and had the technology to split atoms?


    Posted by transtime | July 3, 2016, 12:02 pm

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