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Mr Barking, My good friend Bud Schlemmel over thare in Provo Utaw sent me a copy of the letter he has wrote you and I think he have been way way to easy on you.

I think you are very miss guided and it is oblivious to me you do not watch Fox News or its of filliate stations. For if you do do you would have knew that republicans are the salt of the earth and the pepper to. And have been on the sides of working regular folk everywhare here that thare is. It is also oblivious that you do not know whitch end is up. And also whitch end is down. Or whitch side of yore butter the bread is on.

It is also oblivious that you do not lissen to the grate man Rush Limbagh eether because when you do you will know all this. I sugjest you lissen to him as we all do here in Kansas whare we know a thing or too. (And whitch end is up and down to) And the grate Bill Oh Really on the Fox TV News. These are the people who make more common cents as I can tell then such iddiots such as you are.

Mr Barking, if I had a nikkel for every time I didnt agree with you I coud live in one of them fancy new york pen houses whitch we know are named pen houses because all them writer poeple live in them. And we all know that writers are all jews. And rich muslin arabs live in them pen houses even if they arent writers to. And wile I am on the subject of jews and other imagrints thare is far to many mud poeple to sute me and mine. We do not need any more people from cuntries such as asia and africa and bayjing and expeshally acapulco. And Mr Trump is not anti-semantic and neither am I these are just facts.

Donald Trump will fix all of this press toe. His grate wall of mexico whitch mexicanis will be paid for is the best idea since a lot of other ideas. And I am itching to see who is his advice prezident pick as I am sure he will be another grate white man as he is himself to.

Now I personaly do not like crooked Hillery but I do think that all this big to do about her using a “private female server” is just really rediculus. Who cares abowt who serves her food to her is what I say.

Merrill G. Jessup

Tea Party Co-Chair

Colby, Kansas



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  1. I have to give their mental gymnastics a 10, though. 🙂


    Posted by BunnyLenore | July 5, 2016, 12:20 pm

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