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I am painfully aware that among the few who will see this post there will, in all likelihood, not be any of the wonderful young people currently protesting for sane gun control in this country and I feel that two points must be brought to their attention. I am hoping that someone who reads this post knows one or more of these young people and can get these thoughts into the bloodstream of all the protesters. They are:

Point one; and one or more of these young people has to make this first point crystal clear in their speeches or news interviews.  It must not only be understood it must be an articulated threat. What must be said out loud – and stressed is; “even though a great many of us cannot vote as yet, rest assured that our parents will cast our votes for us.”

And point two: In light of the disgraceful appointment of super hawk and warmonger John Bolton as U.S. national security adviser; If at Bolton’s prodding Donald Trump decides that a war will take the nation’s headlines, thoughts and eyes off of his crimes, it is  imperative  that these young people 18 and up preemptively refuse  to take up arms on his behalf…to  not  do what the youth in Nazi Germany were propagandized into doing for Adolf Hitler. And, they must make it clear  now  that they will encourage their friends and relatives currently serving to refuse to obey any such order.

As I said, I hope the thoughts contained in this post can somehow find a way into the bloodstream of these smart, brave and socially conscious young people. If anyone reading this knows anyone in this group please either forward this to them – or run these two points by them. Thank you.


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  1. Oh man, spot on ! The appointment of John Bolton…………….f&8ckin ‘ell !! (Expletive omitted for your sensitive readers.)


    Posted by Single Malt Monkey | March 27, 2018, 5:07 am
  2. You know, I’ve never heard any of these kids start their conversation with ” I support the 2nd Amendment but……. “. Most adults on tv do that.


    Posted by renxkyoko | March 26, 2018, 1:05 am

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