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Donald Trump’s decision to withhold the aid money approved by Congress was made in order to coerce a partner nation into helping his personal political fortunes. This cold decision has posed life-and-death risks to Ukrainian families. Now, besides the overpowering stench of his corruption, he literally has blood on his hands.

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Ever since I was old enough to understand politics and politicians I have disliked Republicans. In my long 82 year life I have seen only one and a quarter Republican presidents that were worthy of my admiration. And those Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George H. W. Bush, would not be welcome in today’s Republican Party.

I have long associated Republicans with “royals” – people unfamiliar with, and far removed from, everyday working people. People who don’t carry money. The King’s men. I cannot help but equate them with the silk garbed members of Louie the sixteenth’s court, and his “base;” the bejeweled uncaring courtiers who had to flee the outraged pitchfork wielding citoyens of France during the Reign of Terror.

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And, as I sit here and watch the impeachment hearing news now coming from the responsible media, I am hopeful that besides Cohen and Manafort and “lock her up” Flynn, the first of many of the king’s lackeys to go to prison, they will shortly be joined by Stone, Giuliani and Pompeo. And then by Mulvaney and Perry and yes, Pence and certainly Trump. Whether or not this will come to pass is not the point. The point is they should all be carted off to prison. And, like those angry “citoyens,” I long to hear us all shout “off with their heads”

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This festering dislike has now curdled to an abject hatred for these grotesque poseurs of any humanity and of the Republicans who steadfastly defend the ugliness of these criminals. Only a political party as degenerate as the Republicans could back a Roy Moore, a David Duke, a Joe Arpaio, a John Fitzgerald, an Arthur Jones, a Steve King, a Paul Nehlen…et al.

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I cannot help this either. I know it is not fashionable. I know that hatred is not productive. Yet, even my philosophy cannot keep me from this hatred. Nor can my awareness that it is unattractive and, in the grand scheme of things, a hatred such as this is a waste of my finite energy and a negative energy to put out into the universe. But the animus I bear for these people seems to invigorate.

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Besides all my creative reasons for continued life I want to stay alive just to see these vile criminals put into shackles and thrown into prison. Even as I understand that what I think and how I feel pales into infinitesimal nothingness when placed in the cosmic design of the universe, I cannot help but harbor this burning hatred deep in the marrow of my being for evil trash such as this.

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Saint Ronnie of Tampico

My general dislike deepened in 1980 with the Presidency of Ronald Reagan who, among the many filthy feathers in his cap, destroyed California’s free College system, opposed every major piece of civil rights legislation, and busted worker’s unions. Since then I have witnessed their becoming an ultra-conservative party suspicious of government, allied against abortion, sponsored by the NRA, and motivated by faith. I watched through the years as they urged the transformation of Medicare from an entitlement to a system of personal accounts. As they increased use of coal for energy and pushed for a ban on federal funding to universities that give illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates. Watched as they passed the ultimate tip-off as to where their bread was buttered; Citizen’s United. Watched as they systematically dumbed us down and as they gerrymandered districts and threw people off the voter rolls. All these things a naked attempt to destroy the very underpinnings to a worthwhile life. For decades the Republican party has made a concerted effort to keep us scraping by and too occupied by mere survival to have the energy to even care to fight – except of course to go to their phony Iraq war. All this since 1980 and Reagan.

Top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, William B. Taylor Jr., and Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs George P. Kent arrive to testify before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald J. Trump, on Capitol Hill November 13, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Today, as I witness their cowardice, their self-serving willingness to put party before country in the service of a treasonous criminal I have come to have this burning hatred for Republicans. These greedy conscienceless people, devoid of principle, absent a philosophy, all worship at the altar of power and greed. These people who live to amass great wealth at the expense of their fellow man, and while doing so still refuse to allow others less fortunate the chance at betterment deserve to be the objects of our derision. Republicans are now truly the I’ve-got-mine-fuck-the-rest-of-you-and-your-country party. My former dislike has now curdled to an enmity dripping with hate.

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Ever notice that in pics with others Trump is the only one with his mouth open?

Yes, I know there are those among them who are not as hard-hearted, not as greedy, not as corrupt. Yet, I have to question why these people would then allow themselves to even be members of a group of people who have for decades been trying to systematically unravel the frail thread by which I and most of my fellow citizens hang. To steal elections by brazenly preventing people from voting? The very cornerstone of a democracy. To not have immediately approved of universal healthcare for all at its very first mention? To seek to privatize Social Security and Medicare? To not offer the slightest effort to make College within reach financially in order that all our youth who desire to do so can get a good education? To have propagandized workers into busting their unions?

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To do nothing as the mass slaughters of our children continue – because they are indebted to the National Rifle Association’s money? To separate children from their mothers and fathers under some pretext that their parents are a threat? And put their children in cages? To cut elementary school budgets? To pander to the very worst in man’s instincts? To govern by fear? And to blithely ignore our very greatest real threat; the destruction of our environment. To keep taking, and taking, and then taking some more, while giving nothing back? While not even pretending to give back? And then…to have a vile career criminal the likes of a Donald J. Trump, a draft dodger, a tax cheat, a serial liar, an accused sexual predator, as your standard bearer?

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I can only hope they will not succeed in this ongoing concerted effort to rob us of our humanity. Our dignity. Our democracy. But for almost 40 years this has been their conscious blueprint; to hold on to power – at any, and now at all cost. And, all along, it has always been at the people’s cost.

I am proud to hate Republicans. We must vote them out of office.

the real Donald J. Trump

the real Donald J. Trump


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  1. I believe I previously mentioned “corporate subsidies”, a euphemism for kickbacks. Crony capitalism is rampant and largely supported by GOP.

    Why? These politicians have something to gain. Either directly or indirectly and at the expense of the tax payer. I don’t view this as being capitalism, rather socialized support for big business. I staunchly opposed any State bailouts for large corporations. The political representatives of the GOP wouldn’t care if it didn’t benefit them. In the form of gifts, money, investments, promised positions in the private sector, among other perks.

    I truly believe both parties are robbing us. Even the “better” of two evils … well is still evil.

    All because I bash the DNC does mean I am a fan
    of the GOP.

    Yes, the GOP are in bed with lobbyists, creating an unholy alliance.

    However, denying the flaws of the DNC = to give the GOP free pass . Any politician give the chance will fuck you if it means accomplishing their ends.


    Posted by invertedlogicblog | January 3, 2020, 3:38 pm
    • I do not give the Democratic Party a free pass either…as i wrote in the beginning of my response; i am painfully aware that both parties are controlled by big donors and big corporate monies. I do believe, however, that the GOP is far more injurious to the middle class when it comes to what they do with, and for, the money they receive – and in their tax policies. They are also far apart in how they allocate federal taxes back to the states. So again, i can not paint all Politicians with the same brush – is Sanders as venal as Trump? Would any Democrat do what McConnell did in denying a President a rightful Supreme Court appointment? Can anyone say that Trump’s cabinet stacks up against Obama’s? Ryan Zinke? Scott Pruitt? Ben Carson? Rick Perry? et al. And would the Democrats ever employ a Stephen Miller? I just can’t come to the conclusion that the two parties are equally to blame for our sorry state of affairs. Thanks for the dialogue.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by barkinginthedark | January 3, 2020, 4:21 pm
    • Yes, both parties are backed by “big money.” But only one of those parties will use some of that money to further the economic well-being of the middle class. The other will not. I leave it to you, and to history, to tell you which is which. And, because there is so much wrong with this corrupt Republican Party, here comes a run-on sentence; In the context of what The Republican Party sees fit to back as a leader; a man who has made 12,019 false or misleading claims over 928 days, the boss of a kleptocratic family business who presides over a scandal-ridden administration, an administration in which many of his closest advisers are facing prison time, and by his current assassination of a foreign leader, justified or not, absent any Congressional oversight as mandated by our Constitution – or, it would appear, a thought to the bloody repercussions of this rash act which may now plunge the Middle East, and us, into a prolonged war, and by the current Republican Senate actions vis-a-vis their proposed sham impeachment trial without witnesses, and not to mention their Ukrainian blackmail scheme – from looking at your writings, I believe that “inverted logic” is the more apt title for your blog. It is interesting that you extol the “virtues” of Milton Friedman who lobbied against environmental protection and regulations of all kinds (let’s just let Wall Street’s “Masters of the Universe” continue to run roughshod over the middle and lower classes – with the backing of the Republican Party eh? What fun.) He argued for this, as well as arguing against our welfare system. I’m certain you adore Ayn Rand and Nietzsche. And you blithely equate the Republican Party with the Democratic Party. What I wrote, and what you avoided taking in, was fact; fact as to which party wanted Social Security and Medicare and which did not, and which party argued against $30 billion in unemployment extensions in the name of fiscal discipline while pushing for a tax cut extension that would cost $2 trillion over 10 years, and which party wants insurance companies to be able to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions, and which party is backed by religious zealots who have been trying to overturn Roe v. Wade since it was declared the law of the land. The list of Republican transgressions against the women and working middle class of this country is endless; Citizens United, and the recent Trump and congressional Republicans enacted tax cut for the wealthy and large corporations…please spare us all your simplistic pronouncements and your “inverted logic. Perhaps “Perverted Logic” is a better title for your thoughtless scribbles.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by barkinginthedark | January 3, 2020, 2:07 pm
      • If you are attempting to persuasive you have failed. From the sounds of you most likely adore John Rawls, Karl Marx, and Bernie Sanders.

        I would say I “extol” the virtues of Milton Friedman. I agree and disagree with various aspects of his work.

        You are clearly a pompous and close minded individual who isn’t interested in sincere discourse. You are so highly offended by those with differing opinions. If I was shilling for full state socialism you would be applauding my blog entry as a cogent and reasonable argument. You feel the need to go on this puerile diatribe rather than provide a respectful counterpoints. “Perverted logic” please grow up!! You are neither amusing or insightful. Hell, at least if you were actual clever I could have a good laugh and give you the benefit of the doubt.

        I’ll tell you what the main difference is between the DNC and GOP …. what each party chooses to squander tax dollars on.

        Yes, the GOP loves their corporate subsidies and wartime expenditures. Which is no better than the inefficient welfare programs championed by the DNC.

        You must be okay with the prospect of a multi-trillion dollar deficit. You probably also are not bothered by the inflation of our currency. In all honest , hurts the middle class and poor more than anyone else.

        How about you provide me with an adequate percent of my income. What I will do is allocate it to pay your medical bills. Does that sound like a deal??


        Posted by invertedlogicblog | January 3, 2020, 2:40 pm
      • yes, i am angry and close-minded when it comes to Republicans and their greedy rape of the middle class. period.


        Posted by barkinginthedark | January 3, 2020, 3:01 pm
      • P.S. i notice you haven’t actually addressed any of the points made re the venality of the current Republican Party.


        Posted by barkinginthedark | January 3, 2020, 3:08 pm
    • may i add that it is quite obvious that you have a keen mind and a sincere point of view, me…i am admittedly so turned off by what I have seen the Republican Party do to working class people in my 82 years that it makes me seethe with an uncontrollable anger that manifests itself in my writings; busting unions, destroying the California almost free college system, chipping away so deeply at The Affordable Care Act so as to be able to say “see? it doesn’t work,” ripping away environmental regulations etc. So yes, i am admittedly “offended” by anyone that can equate them with the Democrats. While they both may be in the same barrel one is not as tasty as the other. I thank you for the comments and we shall agree to disagree. continue…

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by barkinginthedark | January 3, 2020, 6:43 pm
  2. Excellent post. I’m also proud to hate Republicans.


    Posted by leggypeggy | November 24, 2019, 5:54 pm
  3. Long days.
    Sleepless nights.
    On and on and on….


    Posted by https://jotsfromasmallapt.com | November 24, 2019, 4:57 pm

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