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“I cannot say it will never happen again, because when you look at some leaders of today, those dangerous ambitions, pride and sense of being better than others are still at play. Who knows where they can lead.                                                                                             —Zofia Posmysz, a 96-year old Polish survivor of Auschwitz.

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Now we know how come an entire country, which undoubtedly contained as many bright concerned citizens as we have here, could have succumbed to an insane depot. Anyone wondering how the Germans in the 1930’s could have swallowed, and succumbed to, Hitler’s lies and distortions now has their answer – because we are now, in America in 2020, doing the same thing as I type.

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Fat Donnie and his Capos

In spite of the mounting evidence that shows the glaring truth of Donald John Trump’s criminality, of his willingness to extort another nation into helping him win an election, of his blatant obstruction of justice, not to mention his brazen violations of our emoluments clause, the craven Republican members of the Senate refuse to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America. They are, in fact, making a mockery of this very oath.The Republican’s refusal to call witnesses, to allow the American people to hear the facts, is in itself obstruction of justice in a trial about obstruction of justice. Kafka is alternately crying and cheering wildly.

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 The Republicans will attempt to keep Trump in office by voter roll purges such as the ones now taking place in Wisconsin and Georgia. And those in Ohio and Kentucky as well. And we can be certain that the Republican party will pursue voter roll purges all across the country in an effort to contaminate the up-coming Presidential election and all other elections in the future.

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The Republican machine will also endeavor to make registering to vote a difficult proposition for as many as they deem to be anti-Trump voters. And, rest assured, they will also attempt to game the voting machines. They must retain power no matter the cost to whatever is left of our democracy. The Republicans have clearly demonstrated that they are not concerned with democracy. They are only concerned with control, and they have gone as far as openly encouraging their gun carrying base to violence in order to keep that control.  And this violence is aimed also against minorities and women of color.

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Fat Donnie Caesar

We are in deep trouble if the Republican party succeeds in this overthrow of our democracy. We will be a Banana Republic, a dictatorship, we will be Stalin and Putin’s Russia. And this overthrow is happening right before our eyes on TV. Are you watching this sham impeachment “trial?” The one without witnesses? The one protecting Trump, Barr and Pompeo? Three of the biggest criminals to ever swear on a bible…aside from Giuliani…and the entire cowardly Republican Senate.

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What we, the informed, angry citizens of this country can do is petition all our representatives, our Senators, our Congress people, to answer to our vote. It  must be made clear to them that unless they actively move to stop this monster we will vote them out of office. And we must take to the streets in huge numbers to reinforce our will. To underscore that this monster and his minions must go. And, at this very moment in our history, all the independents in the undecided middle we must call the Republican Senators and insist they vote for witnesses in the impeachment trial – or they will lose their vote.

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Why is this man smiling?

Hoping and praying that the Presidential election of 2020 will not be corrupted by this monster and his party will not do. They will corrupt the process. Counting on someone else to stop this evil cabal will not do. We, the people must rise up and stop them. We must put our bodies on the line. This is it. If this monstrous criminal is re-elected we can kiss our democracy goodbye. The robber Baron class will loot the rest of us without fear of reprisal, the corporate donor class will further destroy our environment in their unquenchable pursuit of profit at any and all cost, the media will be shut down, and with it will go our rights, our protections, our safety, and what is left of our civility. We will be Putin’s Russia – and we will not recover for at least a generation or two – if ever.

We must call. We must march. We must get angry. We must RESIST! Or we are done.

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4 thoughts on “NOW WE KNOW HOW COME…

  1. Waiting to see what happens in Iowa.


    Posted by leggypeggy | January 27, 2020, 12:34 am
  2. Four years ago, I never would have believed how completely Trump has bullied, bamboozled and bluffed his way into ruling as a quasi-dictator. If he is re-elected in November, you can forget the “quasi” part — he will be an absolute dictator (unless Democrats win the Senate and retain control of the House) — and this country will become a moral wasteland and environmental disaster.

    Wake up, America, before it’s too late!!!


    Posted by mistermuse | January 26, 2020, 12:06 pm

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