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So we was watching the FOX News the other night to maybe catch a bit of the “real” news about all the Democrat lies in there convention, and the little lady and I were shocked to learn that not a one of these speekers mentioned G-D. Nary a single one! We did see the great Pastor Robert Jeffers, a man who knows that pedalphilia runs wild in the Democrat party and homo sex will make you explode. He has also has told us what the Democrat party would never ever tell us witch is that G-D will cure Covid-19 and that abortion caused 9/11. So just the fact of all this makes it doubly very worrisome that the DEMOCRAT PARTY DOES NOT CARE TO MENTION ANY OF THIS – AND ESPECIALLY G-D AT ALL!!!

Behold I am Republican Jesus. Screw the poor, sick, and the meek ...

What is wrong with these people? We all know that G-d will surely cure Covid-19, and will ultimately help us to pay our rent and put food in our childrens mouths through His divine love – and for sure get our jobs back. We know this. So why on earth didn’t the Democrats ask for His help? And, I say His, because, no matter what these homo libtards think while their diddling each other, we all know God is a pure proud aryan white man up there in the sky. This Democrat iggnorence is beyond me. And it shoud be beyond you too Mr Barking.

Why evangelicals love Donald Trump


Mr Donald Trump, is as G-dly a man as has ever led our country. He held up the Holy Bible didn’t he? What other proof do we need?  And, Pastor Mark Burns, and many others to have told us that Mr Trump is “fighting for Christianity.” Democrats will no dowbt burn in fiery hell for all eternity because they do not have our kind of pure love in their hearts. They will die in the righteously deserved skin-seering agony of hell because of the hate thay hold in there hearts. Until they learn love for there fellow man I wouldn’t throw a Democrat a rope if I saw one was drowning. 

See the source image

And, let ma add here that this fowl lie about Pastor Jerry Falwell Jr watching his wife and a pool boy is just plain Democrat poppycock. Anyway, now, the little lady and me are gonna sit back and watch some real American patriots. Some grate people who really love there G-D and country so G-D dam good. I will write to you as soon as its over and recap the messages of our truth tellers at the GOP convention for you Mr Barking – because we know you can’t stand the truth from us people who prowdly hug the flag and love G-d. We know the Democrats never would, but Mr Trump will always prey for all of us!


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  1. It’s all so disheartening.


    Posted by leggypeggy | August 26, 2020, 12:47 am

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