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The Ballad of Rick Santorum or: Be Afraid – Be Very, Very, Very, Very, Very… Afraid

Slimier than Newt, oilier than Mitt This is one self-righteous narrow-minded piece of shit He lies right to your face Though it’s right there on the tape The scariest person in this race Is Rick Santorum – here’s the case:   Women’s choice? There’s nothing badder Rape or incest – doesn’t matter Rick is there … Continue reading

A New Year’s Ballad To The Evangelical “Values” Voters of America – and the World

I don’t mind what you believe in ‘Cept the folks you back are thievin’ I don’t mind your faith in Jesus ­Jesus never tried to squeeze us I don’t care you wear religion Like a coat – don’t care a smidgeon ‘N if you wanna sin on Sunday Go to church and pray on Monday … Continue reading

# 6 In The Satirical Series Emails From The Tea Party (Angry Email Response To One of My Blogs)

I read your blog thing about Lookking For a Job. If I ever saw you you punk you would get a shotgun blast to the balls. That’s why we need people like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman to get rid of socialist commie pinko smart guy cappochina drinkers like you who probably went to some … Continue reading

Breaking News # 1. God Says She Does Not Know Rick Perry

By t. powers Reporting from an undisclosed location(s) God, through Her press office, today issued a statement from Her unknown vacation retreat somewhere in one of the Universes, stating: “I would like to make it abundantly clear that I have never met, or spoken with, either Rick Perry, or Michele Bachmann, nor do I wish … Continue reading