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Attorneys for God today filed a mega-billion dollar lawsuit against Donald Trump and various co- defendants. The suit alleges slander, libel, defamation of character, endangering one’s health – and well-being – and causing painful and prolonged agita. Besides Mr. Trump, the additional co-defendants named in the suit are; The Republican Party, The RNC, the Republicans … Continue reading

God Holds Press Conference

In Her first press conference since She labeled Mitt Romney “a Mormon without the second m,” God today said that She deliberately brought Hurricane Isaac to Florida to delay the Republican Convention because “I do not like mean, small minded, selfish, holier-than-thou racists, who hide behind symbols like biblical fairy tales and flags to cover … Continue reading

Why I Am an Atheist

Nature is my staff                   The Universe my rod I find religion’s  notion Of what God is To be odd   The first Gods were creations By people who could see That there are things far greater Than them, or you, or me   These Gods – they represented The “spirits” all around The thunder, lightning, … Continue reading

Exclusive! Rick Santorum’s Mistress Interviewed

Rick Santorum’s mistress of two years, in her first interview, and over her fourth martini, says, “I lose my lady wood when Ricky starss praying on th’rare ‘ccasions when he gess ready to climb onto me.” The former porn star takes a long slow drink and daintily puts her glass down in that over-careful way … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rick Santorum’s or: Sex in the Time of Santorum

In light of Rick Santorum’s views on the Parkland Protesters here are his views on that most sacrilegious of human acts…sex. Santorum once had some momentum His base thought that God must’ve sent ‘im Tho’ no birth control Means more dopes in the fold Who couldn’t buy IQ’s or rent ‘em   This man with … Continue reading

God and Jesus: This Tim Tebow Kid is a Very Nice Boy, But We Don’t Know Him, and Don’t Blame Us For The Loss

God and Her son Jesus held a joint press conference today to answer the charges that they had been conspiring to help Tim Tebow win football games this season. Said God, “yeah sure – I was helping this kid all along – like I have nothing better to do with my Sundays but watch the … Continue reading