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Oh Donald, you are our hero

You would-be American Nero

What you’ve done – it appears

Is what we couldn’t – for years

Reduce the Republican Party to zero


Yes, Donald you are the one

We progressives all so hoped would come

To prove the Right’s base is

Like their leaders – all racist

And hypocritical, violent and dumb


You’ve been such a breath of stale air

The wet dream of Libs everywhere

Revealing the stench

In the Right-Wing’s “big tent”

As your big mouth proves – they’re not “all there”

It’s as if you have been heaven sent

To remind us all of the extent

To which Republicans will go

To wield power although

They have pledged to destroy government


Yes, you are our “man of the hour”

The id in an idiot’s ivory tower

The loudmouth that blurts

Out ignorance which hurts

Republicans’ chances at power


Oh, big Don I hope you’re the one

The GOP chooses to run

But, in any event

You have shit in their “tent”

And your stink will smell for years to come

For the boil you have lanced has just oozed

All over our televised news

And we’re now all aware

The cupboard is bare

No matter who the Republicans choose


Be it you, Cruz, or some other stooge

The losing margin will be a deluge

But I sure hope it’s you

It’s too poetic to be true

‘Cause your loss will be “incredibly yuge”!



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  1. The republican side of this election cycle (or whatever it’s called) is like watching a bad movie that’s taking way too long to tell a story that’s preposterous in the first place.

    My biggest pet peeve for some time now has been how advertisers only court the rich these days, GIVING them things while attempting to take time, effort, and dignity away from other consumers who have precious little of anything to begin with. Trump’s followers prove why advertisers do this and get away with it. His followers have been prepared by society to ignore how our government really works against them. Instead, they’ve been taught by the crush of corporations, that only want our money, to actually delight in being treated like cattle and thought of as stupid.

    You and me are both waiting for this guy to lose big.


    Posted by Sparks In Shadow | April 5, 2016, 2:28 pm

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