Grover Norquist

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  Barking in the Dark has been privileged to receive an advance copy of the new Trump TV Network program line-up. Here it is: 3:00 – Time for Tweeting with Donald J. Trump (The Day’s First Tweets. Live – from the Trump Tower Master Bathroom) N 3:15 – Important and Unbelievable Tweets – with Donald … Continue reading

The Ballad of Grover Norquist: Seditious Traitor, Asshole, Neocon Scumbag

‘O bring us another  Hail fellow well met Somebody who’s jovial and chummy A moron without A thought in his head ‘O Lord won’t you bring us a dummy -From the prayer of Grover   This virus call Norquist Who’s begging for your fist To punch the smirk off of his mug This traitor who … Continue reading

The Ballad of Rush Limbaugh’s Nightmare or: I Dreamt Something So Terrible I Had to Take Some More Oxycontin…A Whole Lot More

Rush Limbaugh had a horrid fright A dream that kept him up all night That FDR came back that day And found the jobs Bush threw away   He dreamt there was a new New Deal So many jobs – it was too real New roads and rails and schools and this An educated populace … Continue reading

The Ballad of Our Payroll Tax Cut or: GOP: “Give us the Oil and You Can Have Your Lousy Thousand”

They clicked their heels and all saluted, all red tied and all blue suited All heil Grover Norquist – you’re our Fuhrer Payroll tax cut? Thousand bucks? For who? For all these working schmucks? Don’t they know that suffering makes them purer?   We’ll only do it for the pipeline; the measly thousand is their … Continue reading

The Ballad of the Republican Candidates or: Would Anybody Like Some Mixed Nuts?

And now – The Republican field Adding all of their IQ’s would yield A remarkable sum Giving them headaches from How to keep this much dumbness concealed   There’s “kids could be janitors” Newt Rick: “whut’s that third thing? Oops – shoot” Cain: was “what affairs?” Michelle: well…who cares? And Mitt who looks good in … Continue reading

The Ballad of Grover Norquist or: Excuse me, but when did we elect this guy?

Every Republican kiss-ass Has pledged their allegiance to this ass Their mantra, their cure; Let’s just tax the poor Who cares about them, they’re a piss class His tax policy’s etched in acid A tax on the rich? We won’t pass it Let all the rest squirm On this he is firm Tho’ the rest … Continue reading