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News Flash: Mrs. Satan Defends Husband

In light of recent statements by Senator Rick Santorum, Ethel Satan held a press conference this morning to take issue with Santorum’s remarks. Said Mrs. Satan, “I have been married to the wonderful Mr. Satan forever” she said, “And I can tell you that far from this image he has of someone “evil” – and … Continue reading

More Email from the Tea Party or: Fooled by the Gay TV

I was ironing and starching my hubbies under wares the other day last week while he was out teachin’ the grandkids to shoot squirrels because he says the starchy stiffness of his shorts reminds him of when he was a teen-ager and I heared on the TV that they was giving awards out to grannies … Continue reading

The Ballad of Republican Fuck-ups or: How to Lay Down a Good Smokescreen

Let’s start this thing With the tone-deaf right wing Holding their “hearing” on women An all male panel Of men who all channel A time when all life was still swimmin’   Then the cartoon – named Foster Freiss Says an “aspirin between the knees” Worked as birth control before – lot’s of luck He’s … Continue reading

The Ballad of Grover Norquist: Seditious Traitor, Asshole, Neocon Scumbag

‘O bring us another  Hail fellow well met Somebody who’s jovial and chummy A moron without A thought in his head ‘O Lord won’t you bring us a dummy -From the prayer of Grover   This virus call Norquist Who’s begging for your fist To punch the smirk off of his mug This traitor who … Continue reading

The Ultra Conservative Republican Stars of CPAC Meet in Washington D.C. or: Mommy, I’m A-Scared of the Clowns

The other evening laundries in and around our nation’s capital, as well as those of the very finest hotels, were kept buzzing deep into the early morning hours in a feverish attempt to get all the necessary sheets laundered, starched, and ironed, in order that the many delegates to the ultra-conservative Republican CPAC conference could … Continue reading

Romney “Friend” Completely Understands Romney Quote re: His $374,000 in Speaker’s Fees, “I get fees from time to time, but not very much.”

Whitney Ransom Goldfart IV, the wealthy scion of the uber wealthy Goldfart family was “arrested” today and “charged” with massive securities fraud and insider trading on a colossal scale.   Mr. Goldfart, 43, who, like the many generations of his family before him, literally farts 24 carat solid gold ingots, especially, as he has said … Continue reading