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What the Hell is Wrong with Our Laws Today? More Email from the Tea Party



I am a one hunnerd and ten percent of flag wavin red blooded American meat eatin male an a G-d fearin Christain an a proud member of the South Carolina Tea Party. I heard with my own two ears on the Fox news today that there was these people gaywalkin an they was jes givin out measly $50 tickets for these people who was prancin around in G-d knows what these people wear, because n I seed a few of these shows on the Fox television an these people let everything hang out all over the place everywhere.

Between you me and the swamp I had to keep my wife Irma Rae from hearin some of that there stuff on the Fox TV news one night by puttin the crab boil pot over her head. These people should be throwed into some jail with some big-ass plantation nigra stead of just hittin em for fifty bucks. These people throw fifty dollar bills around to buy them lattays, an maskara, an for to go to the opery, or the ballay, or whatever it is these weirdos do. I know they caint go fishin in them outfits, less n they be fishin for you know whut.

My Minister who is the Holy Fire Ministries founder who is the awwsomely wondurfull Bert Farias said; “Homosexzualaty is such a putrid smellin demon that other demons don even like to hang around it” he said. An he said “this here genyuine prophet of G-d tol me that the Lord allowed fer him to smell this demon spirit an he got sick to his stomack. And yet as humans, many embrace this demon. Yea, you heard me right. Bein gay is demonic.” To which I say a big AMEN an pass the amunishun!!

N I am sayin ifn theres gonna be all this gaywalkin acrost our city streets I am a thinkin these here gaywalkers ought be hit with more n jes a $50 fine, an a gaywalkin ticket. Gaywalkin is a serius offence and a crime agenst nature with all this there mule fuckin and like such as that. All these gays walkin all over our fair city in there teeny tiny shorts is gonna set a bad example for our young Christain boys and girls who will be men. An also wimmens.

So we all has got to take a stand here and now agenst gaywalkers and also we has got to vote agenst this commie Jew an this Hilary womin to get into the White House which should be as its name says it should be white. An also a house.

Image result for people against gays pictures

All us people who know which end is up us good holy G-d fearin peeple who live by the Holy word of The Bible must vote Republican because that is the true way an the light an the kingdom an the power an the glory forever and ever Amen – agin.

Which is why we all must use our G-d givin branes an vote for Donald Trummp. Or Tom Cruze.



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5 thoughts on “What the Hell is Wrong with Our Laws Today? More Email from the Tea Party

  1. The people who believe in all the right wing bullshit, need to get their collective heads examined. As usual Tony, a great post and this one had me laughing.


    Posted by A Pondering Mind | March 29, 2016, 4:07 pm
  2. That these people exist, makes me want to be full of energy, like I was a long time ago when I thought I could find words that would help people see truth. Now, I just hope there are enough thoughtful votes to counteract the thoughtless ones people like this throw away.


    Posted by Sparks In Shadow | March 29, 2016, 2:16 pm

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